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Oracle WebCenter Content

(formerly known as Oracle Enterprise Content Management)

Oracle WebCenter Content  provides leading-edge solutions for all types of content management needs. From file server consolidation to sophisticated multisite web content management, OracleWebCenter Content provides a robust, scalable solution, along with a powerful infrastructure that allows you to create content-enabled applications. More…

Oracle WebCenter Content: Records

(formerly Oracle Records Management)

Records offers a scalable and flexible capability to systematically apply records and lifecycle management policy across your organization.  Records features a central policy engine that serves as the single source for all record schedules and retention policies, providing records managers with a single environment to control and manage records and non-records and set retention policies on everyday business content. More…

Oracle WebCenter Content Core Capabilities

(formerly Oracle Universal Content Management)

Oracle WebCenter Content provides everything you need to create a vast range of content management applications. Most analysts recognize Oracle WebCenter Content as a leader in Enterprise Content Management. In addition, most of the components are themselves leaders in their categories. Yet everything works together seamlessly, and leverages same underlying Content Server repository. More…

Oracle WebCenter Content: Rights

(formerly Oracle Information Rights Management)

Oracle WebCenter Content’s rights is a form of information security technology that secures and tracks sensitive digital information everywhere it is stored and used. Conventional information management products only manage documents, emails and web pages while they remain stored within server-side repositories. Oracle WebCenter Content’s rights uses encryption to extend the management of information beyond the repository – to every copy of an organization’s most sensitive information, everywhere it is stored and used – on end user desktops, laptops and in other repositories, inside and outside the firewall. More…

Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging

(formerly Oracle Imaging and Process Management)

Oracle WebCenter Content’s imaging together with Oracle WebCenter Capture and Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition, provides an enterprise-class imaging platform for end-to-end management of document images within transactional business processes. It’s a solution that provides comprehensive content management and business process management capabilities – from document capture and recognition, to imaging and workflow – delivered through open, productized integrations with Oracle’s business applications, and built on the Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure. More…

Oracle Outside In Technology

Outside In Technology is a suite of software development kits (SDKs) that provides developers with a comprehensive solution to access, transform and control the contents of over 500 unstructured file formats. Each SDK within the suite is optimized to solve a particular problem but they are highly flexible and interoperable. Developers can quickly implement any combination of the Outside In SDKs to provide exactly the right functionality in their application while minimizing integration effort and code footprint. The SDKs offer a wide range of options to give the developer programmatic control of their workflow and output. Thorough documentation and sample applications with source code are included to further accelerate implementation. More…

Oracle WebCenter Capture

(formerly Oracle Document Capture)

Document capture is often the crucial first step in automating business processes. Oracle WebCenter Capture supports high volume production scanning from a central location while Oracle WebCenter Distributed Capture provides user-friendly web interface that allows distributed enterprises to easily capture images from remote locations. Both solutions offer industry-standard image capture from scanners and flexible indexing options. Oracle WebCenter Capture and Distributed Capture are integrated with Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition to provide automated extraction of data from captured images, and fully integrated with Oracle WebCenter Content’s imaging and Oracle WebCenter Content to provide organizations with one system to capture, store, manage and retrieve their mission critical business content. More…

Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition

(formerly Oracle Forms Recognition)

Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition is a learning-based intelligent document recognition (IDR) solution that can recognize, categorize and extract information from any type of document. Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition uses intelligence – not templates – to effectively locate, extract, and link data to back-end systems and processes, to provide the industry’s highest level of document recognition and data extraction. Together with Oracle WebCenter Capture and Oracle WebCenter Content’s imaging, Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition offers a pre-packaged, end-to-end invoice processing solution for Oracle’s Financial Management applications to facilitate processing large volumes of invoices with high upfront data extraction accuracy to minimize the need for human intervention. More…

Application Adapters for Oracle WebCenter

(formerly Application Adapters for Enterprise Content Management)

Enable your users to easily access, view, and act on business transactions directly from within their business application while providing access to supporting content, or outside the application environment via intranet or extranet web sites built with Oracle WebCenter.  These adapters enable capture, imaging and attachment solutions that increase the efficiency of line-of-business operations, or integrate with 3rd party applications to integrate them into your web sites.  The adapters allow you to integrate Oracle WebCenter into your environment while providing enterprise class Fusion Middleware infrastructure to support your applications:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter for Oracle WebCenter
  • PeopleSoft Adapter for Oracle  WebCenter
  • Siebel Adapter for Oracle WebCenter
  • Oracle WebCenter Adapter for SharePoint


Oracle Business Process Management

Oracle Business Process Management, a member of the Oracle Business Process Management Suite, is a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes. The suite enables unparalleled collaboration between business and IT to automate and optimize business processes. More…

Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite

Quality and efficiency of business processes have a significant effect on both the short-term and long-term success of an organization. With BPA Suite, business managers can capture business requirements in standardized models and further simulate and perform impact analysis on those process models before converting them to an executable process. The Oracle BPA Suite is innovatively integrated with the process execution and monitoring tools (Oracle SOA Suite) for complete life cycle management of business processes. The Oracle BPA Suite together with Oracle SOA Suite enables business and IT to effectively collaborate to remove strategy to execution gap. More…

Oracle SOA Suite Overview

Oracle SOA Suite is a comprehensive, hot-pluggable software suite to build, deploy and manage Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). The components of the suite benefit from common capabilities including consistent tooling, a single deployment and management model, end-to-end security and unified metadata management.

Oracle SOA Suite’s hot-pluggable architecture helps businesses lower upfront costs by allowing maximum re-use of existing IT investments and assets, regardless of the environment (OS, application server, etc.) they run in, or the technology they were built upon. Its easy-to-use, re-use focused, unified application development tooling and end-to-end lifecycle management support further reduces development and maintenance cost and complexity. More…

Oracle Event Driven Architecture

Today’s leading organizations are extending their applications to incorporate business events to achieve real-time analysis and response. However, hand-coding applications for event processing requires complex development skills and often fails to achieve business agility. Oracle’s Event-Driven Architecture Solution provides companies across a range of industries – including financial services, telecommunications, retail, government and manufacturing – the ability to become a real-time enterprise, enabling the build, deployment and management of event-driven architectures through a pre-integrated toolset of event processing technologies. More…

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