Image Forms

Image Forms replicate paper forms electronically, providing the ease and accessibility of an electronic form while eliminating the frustration of duplicate entry or costly mistakes. Built on the same platform as Unity Forms, Image Forms are simple to configure and share popular features like Custom Actions, Signatures, and Calculated Fields. The form can be filled out in a supported client or browser and routed through Workflow.

Image Forms can dramatically reduce the time it takes to fill out, process, and submit forms by:

  • Validating data upon entry or on submission of the form.
  • Shortening cycle times by eliminating the physical routing of paper.
  • Supporting processes that rely on regulated forms by providing an electronic image replica of the form.

Additionally, the Forms Designer in the Unity Client provides an intuitive interface to create form templates quickly and easily.

Organizations can use Image Forms and leverage the OnBase Forms platform to provide highlyconfigurable forms that ease the user experience while retaining the exact look of paper forms.

Image Forms replaces highly-structured forms that could otherwise be difficult to re-create electronically due to the complexity of their printed form structure. With Image Forms, those forms can retain their original structure while still collecting the data electronically, resulting in a more convenient user experience and the elimination of paper from the process.

Image Forms also supports regulatory compliance. Often, forms that are highly regulated must be approved by a government agency, and in order to make them electronic they must be reproduced identically to the paper form version, down to the pixel. Image Forms uses the benefits of electronic forms without changing the image of the paper form. Forms are also stored securely and contain an audit trail to further support compliance initiatives.

Image Forms uses AutoFill Keyword Sets, and Keyword Data Sets to further improve data capture by populating fields with existing data and minimizing data re-entry, and fully integrates with Workflow to support more complex processes. Additionally, Custom Actions and Calculated fields can be used to perform form-side logic and calculations.
Users can also quickly and easily sign forms using both touch screen devices as well as supported signature pads.

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