Full-Text Search

Full-Text Search allows users to perform powerful searches on collections of full-text indexed documents using input words or phrases, or by using Simple Query Syntax to construct search strings with operators such as AND and OR. Advanced capabilities include using the below search capabilities…

Exact – “Term1” “Term2”

Boolean – Term1 OR Term2 AND Term3 NOT Term4

Soundex – S(term)

Fuzzy – F(term)

Near – N#(term1, term2)

Thesaurus – T(term)

Full-text searches can also be combined with OnBase Keyword or date range searches to filter the documents returned. Full-Text Search uses the Hyland Full-Text Server to perform advanced searches and integrate with the OnBase clients.

A good example of using this tool is for resumes. During an employee recruiting process, a company can receive hundreds of resumes. The resumes may be in a variety of document file formats. If the company is looking for a specific skill set, it needs the ability to search across all resumes for words associated with the skill set. With Full-Text Search, the resumes can be stored in their native file formats and indexed into Full-Text Search catalogs. Once the documents are in a full-text catalog, a user can search across all file formats for words and phrases related to the desired skill set.

For example, if the Development department needs a developer, a user might search for develop* OR program* over the full-text collection and retrieve a list of resumes containing those words. Included in the search results list would be resumes with the words developer, development, develop, programmer, programming, etc. If the department needs a developer with UNIX experience, a user can perform a search for develop* AND UNIX to get a list of resumes matching that search. If the documents were indexed with a Date Available Keyword Type, the search could be further narrowed to include only those candidates who are available for immediate hire.

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