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Kofax TotalAgility: the NEXT GENERATION Platform

Kofax TotalAgility: the NEXT GENERATION Platform

Kofax has been a leading software manufacturer for over 30 years. Enterprise products evolve over time and Kofax is no different. For the first half of its life, Kofax’s products focused on enterprise document capture and intelligent data extraction. Kofax’s NEXT GENERATION product has evolved and is an award winning - browser based - case management and process orchestration platform that includes the well experienced Kofax document capture and intelligent data extraction capabilities. Kofax has significantly invested in other products that seamlessly plug into any TotalAgility workflow. Technology like RPA, Digital Signatures, Customer Communications, Mobility and other widgets seamlessly fit into any low code application and/or any workflow that can be configured within the TotalAgility platform.

Kofax TotalAgility Software

Automation is essential to any modern business. Without it, you’ll stay stuck in old, inefficient, manual methods of working that hinder productivity and profitability. There are dozens of options for introducing automation into your business workflows, and Kofax TotalAgility is a superior software solution that connects your systems across internal and external processes to streamline operations.

What Is Kofax TotalAgility?

Kofax TotalAgility is a software that builds applications and orchestrates processes to cut latency between touchpoints and improve productivity and efficiency across business processes. For example, the solution orchestrates touchpoints such as gathering documents and data from human interaction and other data sources — reviewing and approving data based on validation logic exceptions — routing transactions and documents to systems of record. All this can reduce the need for human intervention and encourage straight-through processing. Hyper Automation is where human and digital come together and automation amplifies the human.

With TotalAgility, you eliminate many manual methods of getting tasks and transactions processed. The solution can orchestrate workflows like…

  • AP invoice automation
  • Sales order automation
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Vendor statement reconciliation
  • Cash application and consignment consumption
  • Claims processing
  • Vendor, customer and employee onboarding
  • Internal and external portals

How Does Kofax TotalAgility Software Work?

The software has several core capabilities:

Document Intelligence

Cognitive capture abilities in Kofax TotalAgility enable business analysts and non-technical users to extract and classify information from information-intensive documents. The solution applies cognitive capture and artificial intelligence to unstructured data, enabling you to accelerate workflows laden with information, unlock insights from your data, and eliminate tedious data entry.


With an intuitive design, preconfigured functionalities, and simple integration with third-party applications, TotalAgility enables your staff to build strategically. The software offers a drag-and-drop interface for easily configuring business logic and creating solutions. As a case management tool, the system can be used to create applications like contract management, vendor management, incident management, and more. You can create an application to store transactions that are supported by tools like process orchestration, RPA, electronic signatures, content generation, and analytics.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence

AI is central to TotalAgility — helping to accelerate automation. It gives you more flexibility in analyzing your content and provides a powerful way to analyze unstructured data. With natural language processing and machine learning, TotalAgility helps you better interpret data for sentiment analysis and content classification.

Process Orchestration

TotalAgility makes it easy to scale your workforce capacity as your business requires more or fewer resources. Use automation in an on-demand way to offload mundane tasks from your human workforce so you can cost-effectively adjust to spikes or slumps. Automation takes on repetitive work so your people can focus on higher-value projects that contribute to strategy and growing the business.

The solution’s process orchestration component also enables it to react to changes in workload and capacity in real time to automatically respond to new processes to help humans to work smarter.

Flexible Integration

With a range of pre-built connectors, web services, and synthetic API methods, you can integrate TotalAgility quickly and seamlessly into your business with little disruption. You do not have to forgo your existing software assets in favor of TotalAgility, as it can be woven into your technology stack.

Discover the Power of Workflow Automation Software With Kofax TotalAgility

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