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Collections Automation

Collections Automation

A robust collections software platform is a powerful tool that can dramatically improve how you manage and collect customer invoices. If cash flow and productivity are reliable indicators of how “fiscally fit” your organization is doing, then you need to evaluate how financially healthy your business is. Being paid in faster turn-around time, while providing customers with a positive post-sale experience, can increase revenue while fostering better customer relationships.

All Star Collections Automation Solution software fast-tracks collection activity while averting overdue debts and rising DSO. By implementing an optimized, automated payment Collection System, your collections department will no longer have to rely on old data entry, spreadsheets or the uncomfortable method of calling a customer for payment. These low-value tasks are not only time consuming for employees but are also an inefficient use of their time.

An augmented Collection System that enables workflows specifically for collection activity. Through the use of automation, workflows, and coding, your organization can seamlessly combine numerous business components.

Your entire collections process can be optimized with:

  • Transaction and status codes.
  • Dashboards and reporting for KPIs.
  • Detailed collector activity can be tracked and stored for compliance and auditing purposes.

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