Workflow Approval Management with OnBase

Workflow Approval Management with OnBase

The OnBase Workflow Approval Management module allows business users to configure the conditions for routing and approval. Through the Unity interface (versus the administrative intense Configuration interface), a business user can alter the users, the rules, the values and the conditions for document and transaction approvals. This helps put the logic into the business users hands and frees up the system administrator from these types of logic tasks.

Approval processes are configured to use rules consisting of various conditions that evaluate items. Depending on how the process is configured, approval rules can evaluate document type, Keyword Values, and Unity script results. These approval rules evaluate to true or false and determine whether or not an item should go through an approval process, what course it should take in an approval process, how many levels of approval it needs, and who should be assigned to approve it. All of that work is done automatically within one queue so that items that enter an approval queue are assigned to the correct users for approval.

Once an approval process is created for an approval queue, it can be managed in the Unity Client so that certain users can alter or change the approval process in many ways. If the conditions in which an item enters an approval process need to be adjusted, or if it becomes necessary for a process to have an additional level of review, or if the users assigned to approve certain levels of the process need to be changed, that work can be done directly in the Unity Client by users with permission to do so.

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