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OnBase Mobile – Your mobile device isn’t just for Facebook anymore.

OnBase Mobile – Your mobile device isn’t just for Facebook anymore.

Everyone has a mobile device these days. If it isn’t a smart phone, it is a tablet. Your company might even provide phones or tablets to certain employees that need access to email. The ability to check email and make business calls is clearly to the smart company’s advantage but are you getting the most out of these devices that are already in your corporate environment? OnBase Mobile can add valuable functionality that eliminates the need to be tethered to a laptop to accomplish critical workflow functions.

A great example of leveraging the power of OnBase Mobile can be found at the Irex Contracting Group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Irex was using Onbase for their AP workflow. They also had 150 iPhone users in the company. Around 40 of those users were employees that needed to view or approve invoices. Those 40 people could see via their phone email that they had invoices to approve but they still needed to get to a computer to take the required action.

Last January, All Star and Irex began a project to implement Onbase Mobile. They already had the smartphones but only for email. Soon, mobile users would be able to approve invoices right from an app on their iPhone.  By May, the solution was in production and they love it. Trips back to the office or logging in back at the hotel were a thing of the past. Invoice processing was now faster too.

Administrator were also happy with the Onbase Mobile solution. They could now monitor the workflow from their own iPhones. Launching the app allows administrators to see potential backlogs and other possible issues. Action could then be planned to avert any problems. Irex likes the solution so much that they plan to add iPads to the mix next year.

Regardless of your mobile platform OnBase has a solution for you. OnBase Mobile is supported on iOS, Android, Blackberry and even Windows phones. Like most of Hyland’s OnBase solutions, Mobile implementation is cost effective and efficient. All Star Software Systems is ready to help you design a solution that is right for your business. Contact your All Star representative for more information.

Jonathan Wintsch, Business Analyst
All Star Software Systems

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