Mobilize Your Business Applications

Mobilize Your Business Applications

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, integrating your business software with mobile technology is a critical factor in improving workflow process. Mobilizing your line of business applications is vital to improving business process automation. The essential need for employees to participate in a workflow process regardless of physical location, as well as the ability to interact in real-time or near-time data, are crucial components.

Whether it is communicating with vendors, customers, or co-workers, the ability to easily view and interact with data from mobile devices means that decisions can be made in seconds—not hours or days.

A common thread seen with organizations today is that they are experiencing pain when it comes to mobilizing their line of business applications. Unfortunately, this issue results in companies having to spend excess time and resources with mobile technology that doesn’t work, while limiting users because they can’t participate in a workflow on the go. The direct effects of not being able to integrate automated mobile workflow with your business applications can negatively impact your organization’s efficiency, profitability, and the overall customer service experience.

Mobile-Driven, Out-Of-The-Box Application

The first step to successfully mobilizing your enterprise applications begins with implementing an easy-to-use, configurable data-driven case management software (CMS). This type of tool provides the ability to create any kind of data structure with whatever attributes are required to be surfaced to the mobile users. These data structures can reference internal or external data classes which provide the ability to interact in real- time or near-time with your line of business applications. Configurability allows you to implement these mobile application solutions with little to no custom coding; thus, lessening the time it takes to complete these types of projects.

Greater Mobile Access and Workflow Solutions

Beyond presenting line of business data to users via mobile devices, users who participate in improved workflow processes also have access to documents and tasks based on their security rights. Tasks allow users to add or update transactions in the line of business applications, create and deliver documents that inherit the data being presented in workflow, or initiate other workflows, to name a few. Having the capability to mobilize your business applications effectively— free from any technical obstacles— will vastly improve your organization operations.

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