Document Delivery

Your ERP system produces critical documents on a daily basis.  AR invoices, purchase orders, credits, statements, bills of lading, electronic funds transfers, aging reports and other standard reports are created, printed and delivered internally and externally as required. The cost of paper, printers and consumables can be very extensive. A larger cost may come as a result of delays incurred from delivering these documents in paper format. These delays result in invoices not being paid as quickly as possible, orders not being processed in a timely manner and a lack of visibility into open and completed transactions. These issues can be solved using a simple and cost effective solution from All Star Software Systems.

The All Star approach to automating document delivery involves implementing output management, content management and workflow technology to capture newly produced documents generated from your ERP/line of business systems. Once captured, the solution will parse these large reports into distinct documents, extract required data, file/store the documents for future retrieval and deliver the documents automatically to customers, vendors, partners or internal users. Delivering the documents can be done via fax or email based on data available. Aging and other internal reports will be routed to an internal list of users (static or dynamic). These reports are typically emailed to the list of users as a link that users can click to view the report rather than emailing a large report to many users.

The All Star document delivery solution accelerates the handling of your ERP produced reports and document by:

  • Automating the delivery of documents and reports based on business rules
  • Immediately notifying users of failed deliveries
  • Facilitating incoming money and outgoing products by providing documents to customers and vendors as quickly as possible
  • Retrieval of internal reports in seconds versus dealing with clumsy paper documents
  • Reproduction and delivery of documents in seconds


ACCELERATING Business Processes