Automating Workflow to Customers and Vendors with Enterprise File Sync and Share

Automating Workflow to Customers and Vendors with Enterprise File Sync and Share

Today’s digitally-driven organizations are always looking for a way to achieve a faster, smarter and higher level of business performance and productivity. That means not only creating processes that interact with internal employees but extending workflow to customers and vendors all the while maintaining security and audit capability around the process. To successfully attain this objective you should consider implementing a cloud-based document sharing software, which can effectively improve workflows and empower users to collaborate and share information with individuals both inside and outside the company.

Extending Your Workflow to External Parties

A document sharing software can effectively transform how files such as contract requests, vendor onboarding, employee onboarding and other transactional documents are shared. Employees can quickly and easily share files and documents in an ad-hoc manner, in addition to documents being shared automatically internally or externally as part of an automated workflow process. For example, when a new vendor sends an invoice, there are specific documents that need to be sent and completed by the vendor as part of the vendor set up process. Sending and receiving updated documents can be automated using Enterprise File Sync and Sharing software. These tools enable collaboration to occur anywhere, at any time regardless of time zones— helping to keep projects and transactions moving forward in the workflow.

Externalizing your automated workflow processes is seamless with this type of solution. No longer do external users have to log into an application, learn the application and consume a costly user license. Enterprise File Sync and Sharing tools can extend your workflows with minimal cost and significant gains in productivity.

Maintain Control of Content, Safeguard Shared Documents

When it comes to safeguarding your business’s data, maximizing workflow efficiency and maintaining secure file sharing should not be mutually exclusive. As departments across your organization use document sharing software to collaborate both internally and externally, the need to control and secure what content—especially confidential or restricted information— is being shared in your content management system becomes more imperative. Remember, shared documents will be passing through your organization’s firewall, which is why your document sharing software needs to be built with all the necessary firewall protections in place.

Data encryption and other security features such as access ownership of shared files, content edit permission rights, password-protected entry, corporate-only email addresses, and file expiration dates allow you to maintain corporate control and governance over your company’s files and documents. Having the ability to swiftly and efficiently revoke or transfer ownership access such as when an employee leaves or changes roles within your organization is essential to ensuring your company’s security.

Additional file sharing features such as document editing rights, content audit trails, and chat features enable you and other participants to be notified immediately when a document has been altered and by whom. File sync software and document sharing tools give you the control you want and need.

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