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Kofax Scores High in Gartner Evaluation of Robotic Process Automation Critical Capabilities

Kofax Scores High in Gartner Evaluation of Robotic Process Automation Critical Capabilities

Robotic process automation (RPA) continues to grow its footprint because businesses are realizing it delivers greater levels of efficiency and process optimization. As various RPA solutions rise in popularity, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. To help businesses sift through the myriad RPA solutions out there, Gartner – a global research and advisory firm – has established core capabilities and metrics that it uses to analyze the performances of dozens of RPA solutions. Here, we dive into what it had to say specifically about Kofax – a leading provider of RPA.

Why Evaluate an RPA Solution?

Before we go into Kofax’s core capabilities, it’s important to know why businesses should spend time evaluating RPA providers. Gartner reports that – through 2021 – 40 percent of enterprises will have RPA “buyer’s remorse” because of misaligned, siloed usage, and inability to scale. Businesses can avoid this remorse and maximize their return on investment (ROI) by “prioritizing and selecting an RPA suite that has broader functional capabilities to support the primary business use cases,” according to Gartner. The research firm’s critical capabilities tool and metrics can help businesses wisely select which solution will work best for them.

How Does Kofax Measure Up?

Gartner has evaluated Kofax to be “one of the strongest products in the market.” Kofax has demonstrated not only its capability as a powerful RPA solution but one with the ability to improve and evolve to address advanced needs. In Gartner’s overall assessment, Kofax was just one of two products to feature in the upper quartiles of all three use cases.

Gartner uses three most common use cases for RPA to “filter and prioritize the features that provide the greatest level of impact”:

  • Integration via user interface (UI). This use case focuses on a use of RPA, where data is moved between two applications in an ad hoc way.
  • Large-scale data migration. This use case is focused on integrating sets of components to move data collectively between one application and another.
  • Augment knowledge workers. This use case is about using RPA to enhance the ability of knowledge workers to get work done – thereby improving efficiency when gathering information to serve customers.

Kofax’s high scores in nine out of 10 capabilities ties it for third place among the RPA solutions Gartner evaluated overall. Those 10 capabilities are as follows, and you can learn more about them in-depth in this blog:

  • Automation Development
  • Integration Features
  • Control Panel/Dashboard
  • Component/Script Library
  • Identifying Change Impacts
  • Resilience and Error Recovery
  • Security
  • AI/ML/NLP Technologies
  • Business Rules/Process Automation
  • And OCR

Gartner discovered that Kofax has strong Automation Development and Integration Features – enabling it to score in the top quartile for Integration via UI. A strong differentiator for Kofax is its “ability to strip the headers from an Excel spreadsheet” and automate the process of creating matching data variables in the script. This process is normally done manually – saving developers time. It also helps developers avoid any errors that can be introduced in automations.

Kofax also has strong large-scale data migration scores because some of its features enable RPA integrations to “be consumed by external resources.” Developers can easily componentize resources needed for complex, large-scale data migration.

Kofax’s highest score was in the Augment Knowledge Workers use case. The solution has natively-developed OCR offerings and related ML capabilities that complement its strengths in other core capabilities, including overall Resilience.

If you’re interested in which RPA solution is right for your business, contact us at All Star Software Systems today. We will bring our RPA expertise to the table, and get your business on the path of increased efficiency.

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