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Invoice Capture to Ariba

Invoice Capture to Ariba

Many organizations worldwide are engaging in electronic invoicing with their suppliers over the Ariba Network. Ariba automatically matches and validates your invoices prior to moving them into your ERP financial system. In essence, Ariba is acting as a workflow solution sitting in front of your ERP financial system. While electronic invoicing can eliminate many paper and electronic invoices, there are always leftovers that require capture, data entry and pushing into the Ariba Invoice solution.

Invoice Capture Architecture

All Star provides the tools to assist with these invoices that can comprise a large amount of transactions. You will be able to accomplish the following with the All Star invoice capture solution:

  • Capture paper, email attachments, EDI transactions and DB transactions
  • Extract header and line item data
  • Validate the data extracted
  • Validate the data using database or web service validations against your ERP financial system
  • Perform a 2 or 3-way match against your ERP financial system
  • Send all resulting data into the Ariba Invoice Professional solution

All Star’s Invoice Capture to Ariba solution is the missing link in completing 100% of your invoices in the Ariba Network. This solution will provide the ability to capture invoices from any source that is not a part of the Ariba Network. It makes invoice processing as touchless as possible while eliminating 80% – 95% of data entry associated with AP invoices. The integration with the Ariba Network is done using Ariba’s preferred integration techniques complete with error and exception reporting. The solution also allows bi-directional release not only to the Ariba Network, but also to your ERP financial system and/or your content management and workflow solution, if not Ariba.

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