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Intelligent Enterprise Content Management Definition

Intelligent Enterprise Content Management Definition

Everyone is under the same impression that paper is being replaced by electronic files in today’s working environment. The issue needing to be resolved is eliminating paper files and starting to terminate the costs associated with searching, storing, and losing these critical documents. Every year thousands of hours, and even worse, large amounts of money are being wasted on this.

The solution to all these problems would be implementing an Intelligent Enterprise Document Capture Solution. These systems allow the scanners to release documents into a system, identify the information, and lastly send all documents directly into a back-end system for further processing. Another issue today is companies are now deploying systems on a need-by-need basis or department-by-department basis, and they are failing to address company-wide issues. Enterprise wide Capture Systems create business environments in which your organization is able to manage paper from various departments and locations from anywhere in the world, using one platform.

By using a single enterprise capture system you can work with multiple document types and devices. Data is now captured from many sources including; high-volume scanners, desktop scanners, mobile scanners, and even phones. As technology evolves, so does the need for your organization to grow with the changing environments.

An ECM solution offers the total end-to-end package your organization is looking for. These solutions capture documents from multiple locations, extract data, and automatically classify the document type using optical character recognition (OCR). Your organization will drive down costs and create an environment having the ability to work with multiple business systems. This is the perfect solution for all organizations to benefit greatly from!

By Shane Hardy
All Star Software Systems LLC

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