Hyland OnBase 11.0 gets redefined to meet standards for Higher Education Institutions

The Higher Education system in the U.S. is continuing to evolve while the standards to keep up with this are lagging behind.  Colleges and Universities are becoming flooded with applications and unfortunately the current Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions in place are not helping the issue.  The problem is that institutions are having difficulties augmenting ECM systems with student information systems (SIS) without using multiple packages.  The solution to this is the new release of Hylands OnBase 11.0 software!

Some of the new features in 11.0 include Transcript capture, transfer credit evaluation, and Cross-browser support.  With Transcript capture and transfer credit evaluation important forms can be captured, manual data entry can be eliminated by up to 90%, and document processing times are significantly reduced.  The new 11.0 software also comes with Cross-Browser support.  This feature makes it simple for all departments to allow OnBase users to work within their preferred browser.  This makes the process of reviewing files, documents, and admissions extremely easy regardless of the browser each department uses.  Hyland Software continues to offer top of the line ECM software to colleges and Universities around the world, and today OnBase is known as the largest provider of ECM software to Higher Education Systems!

Published By: Paul Pitts

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