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Experts discuss merits of workflow automation

Experts discuss merits of workflow automation

Automation has become one of the more commonly provisioned technologies in the past few years, as companies have recognized the vast range of processes that can be streamlined with the right types of enterprise software. Although many firms will be interested in both the operational and financial advantages of these solutions, the ways automation can transform the culture of a company are just as substantive. 

From enhanced worker engagement to major reductions in inefficiencies and waste, automation comes with the power to boost the sustainability of a business regardless of how large it might be or the industry in which it competes. That being said, there are certainly plenty of financial merits involved in workflow automation deployments, all of which can help fuel companies' profitability and stature in their respective fields before long. 

What the pros say
CMS Wire recently reported that two Forrester analysts who spoke at the publication's latest webinar affirmed that the monetary advantages of workflow automation are significant, and that the tools are becoming increasingly critical to compete in the modern era. Interestingly, the source pointed out that the researchers believe automation for core business functions is not quite as important as tools that can enable seamless customer engagement and interactions. 

"At this point, we have folks who are expecting and needing software delivered on just insane schedules," John Rymer, VP and senior analyst for application development and delivery at Forrester, explained to CMS Wire. "Business process is going to be a key technology we use to rise to this challenge. And it's the latest challenge that we find folks using business process platforms to tackle."

Furthermore, the news provider cited a case study Forrester conducted that found one firm saved $1 million in just 10 months through the automation of certain customer-facing processes and functions. 

Reaping the benefits
In many ways, a business leader will often be hard-pressed to find a process within her operations that could not benefit at least slightly from the introduction of automation tools. As the variety and volume of software continue to grow quickly, making more options available to the average company, the time is now to begin provisioning automation tools that closely align with corporate needs and objectives, then getting them into the workplace to ensure that smoothest, most efficient operations possible. 

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