Executive lessons for smoother automation provisioning

Executive lessons for smoother automation provisioning

Content management has arguably become one of the more critical aspects of running a business in today's highly digitized society, and many companies have turned to automation solutions to ensure safe, secure, seamless and accessible information governance performances. Although content management comes with a wealth of demands, reporting analytics has been a common target of corporate provisioning strategies given the breadth of advantages that come along with big data. 

However, businesses will simply not be able to capture the full range of benefits and opportunities that ought to accompany reporting analytics automation when provisioning strategies are not crafted and executed intelligently. The solutions chosen to fuel analytics strategies will tell the lion's share of the story in the long run, and making sure the best practices of product and service selection are being obliged is crucial. 

What needs to be done?
TechTarget recently published a special report that included several recommendations to leaders who are interested in beginning the process of analytics provisioning, taking the reader through some of the more critical aspects of decision-making in these regards. According to the news provider, business intelligence technology is generally split into three subsets, including reporting, querying and advanced analytics solutions – each of which comes with unique opportunities. 

Right from the start, leaders will need to know exactly what they hope to achieve through a reporting analytics investment, as this will guide the selection of which category is best for the business. The source explained that infrastructure and other digital assets will need to be kept in mind during the selection process as well, as these matters will directly impact the performance of analytics solutions being implemented, especially in the long run. 

So, understanding not only what each type of solution can be used to achieve, but what the business demands and requirement entail, will always be a fundamentally important process in analytics provisioning. 

Are businesses ready for analytics?
Business intelligence solutions have no doubt become more intuitive, accessible and affordable in the past few years, but this does not mean companies will be inherently prepared to optimize their use of these solutions. Decision-makers who are not entirely confident in their internal staff's ability to manage reporting analytics solutions in an optimal manner should always consider leveraging the support of an outsourced service provider or technology vendor. 

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