Enhance Your Mobile Capabilities with Kofax and OnBase

Enhance Your Mobile Capabilities with Kofax and OnBase

The drive for mobility is part of the business technology agenda for most companies today. In a business, more types and complexity of information are needed. This ranges from capturing documents and data, providing access to documents and data in addition to initiating and processing transactional data.

The use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones makes it easier than ever for workers to collaborate and businesses to communicate with staff, customers, and vendors. These devices change the way your company does business. They lead to new ways of working and can make your organization more efficient and more creative thus leading to increased productivity and profitability. Below are some of the key uses of mobile technology in the business environment where information can be captured, stored, retrieved and processed quicker than ever believed.

Kofax Mobile Capture

Kofax Mobile Capture

The Kofax Mobile Capture Platform turns smartphones into information capture devices. While taking pictures can be colorful, it will also create extremely large documents. Kofax’s technology will normalize a picture into a standard business document and allow it to go through the same capture and extraction processes as a scanned image or an email attachment. Invoices, expense receipts or any other documents can be captured from the field and injected into workflow immediately.

Patented information capture and image processing technology running on the device automatically extracts and validates information from photos and videos taken from a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for users to manually enter information. The proven, open platform can support virtually any capture device and advanced analytics provide full visibility into every transaction in and out of process to enhance the user experience. Now is the time to extend the power of your processes via mobile apps to simplify and accelerate interactions such as onboarding customers, opening new accounts, submitting insurance claims, paying bills and making remote deposits.

Some core features of Mobile Capture are

  • Leverage a single platform to control image processing, data classification and extraction, validation, business rules, exception handling and more.
  • Gain full visibility with advanced analytics.
  • Promote self-service empowering customers and employees with the ability to interact with your businesses systems.
  • Consistent platform to build and deploy customer and employee solutions such as bill pay, remote deposit, customer onboarding, mortgage origination and new account openings.
  • Eliminate data entry with automatic data extraction from documents captured as a photo.

OnBase Mobile Content Management and Workflow

Kofax Mobile Capture

OnBase makes your content available to the people who need it wherever they are from almost any device. The OnBase mobile modules allow users to participate in any workflow process in addition to searching and viewing documents, creating new eForms to initiate workflows as well as uploading and indexing documents.

Quick access to the workflow keeps important documents and tasks moving through the system, regardless of where the approver is. OnBase Mobile takes workflow and content management global with decisions happening in seconds instead of hours or days. Users can now perform familiar or repetitive tasks without accessing the full workflow interface. Your existing mobile device investments can be easily leveraged with out-of-the-box OnBase access.

OnBase Mobile allows users to benefit from

  • Seamlessly integrating mobile devices into existing mission critical workflow processes, giving users access to their step in the process directly on their mobile device.
  • Convenient search capabilities to access documents from anywhere.
  • Document navigation capabilities to view, zoom, rotate and navigate multi-page documents.
  • Other on-document functionality, including viewing document keywords and adding, viewing, editing and deleting notes.
  • Uploading and indexing new documents or creating new eForms – both of which can be injected into workflow.
  • For more information about using Kofax or OnBase to enhance your mobile capabilities, please contact your account manager or sales@allstarss.com.

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