Eliminate data entry for fewer risks

Eliminate data entry for fewer risks

Human error is one of the most common causes of inaccuracies in reporting and cybersecurity breaches in the modern private sector, while completely preventing these actions has become increasingly impossible when using traditional strategies and antiquated technologies. While automation software has mainly been a highly demanded tool for efficiency-related purposes in the past few years, these technologies can reduce risk that relates back to human error. 

Most corporate executives can likely understand the value that comes with products which eliminate data entry, as they can boost employee engagement, free up core staff members to focus on strategic oversight rather than monotonous tasks and enhance the overall sustainability of operations. With lean operations being a common priority among businesses today, automation software that is targeted at data entry resource allocation reduction can be a major boost in the right direction. 

Phishing expands
Information Age recently reported that data entry-targeted phishing attacks have become more common and frequent in the past several years, and that those who use this tactic have been highly successful in tricking users. Generally speaking, a phishing attack is characterized by an attempt to steal personally identifiable or proprietary corporate information through a fraudulent website or email. 

This has been a difficult type of cybercrime to defend against, especially among businesses that have more robust data entry practices in place. According to the news provider, attackers will often acquire credentials to access networks, devices, applications and other components of IT after tricking a data entry professional into loading the information into the fraudulent email or website. 

More importantly, the source noted that some of the most advanced approaches to IT security, including multi-factor authentication, will do little to prevent data entry phishing attacks because the majority of the threat is targeted at human negligence rather than protective technologies and frameworks. 

Enter automation
All of this ties back to employee error, and one of the best ways to ensure that the missteps of ground-level staff members do not result in a major headache is to automate procedures using the most advanced and reliable solutions available. Even the most experienced and intelligent workers will sometimes make a mistake, and rather than trying to completely upend the idiom of "no one is perfect," deploying assistive software might be a better avenue. 

Data entry automation software is readily available and can have broad, positive impacts on any organization's bottom line. 

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