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Automation’s place in general operations management


The rapid transformation of workflow management in health care

The health care sector has been a perfect example of an industry enacting massive changes to culture and operations through the use of new technologies while simultaneously maintaining compliance with some of the strictest regulations in the nation.

Healthcare Workflow Automation

The health care sector has been among the most active when it comes to embracing and deploying new technologies throughout the past several years, largely fueled by the need to improve patient care, lower costs and meet modern compliance requirements.

The path to strong BPM, workflow performance

One would be hard-pressed to find an industry that has not started to overhaul its business process management and workflow through automation software and, chances are if an organization has not, the entity is simply not performing nearly as well as it could.

An interesting experience with workflow automation

Some of the more advanced companies and organizations that research complex matters have been the best-suited to modern automation solutions, especially those that are focused upon content management and workflow.

Global business networks, automated services in high demand

The average business has become more globally invested than ever before, as modern telecommunications and information technologies have enabled international competition in a wider breadth of industries and regions in the past several years.

4 Tips for smoother workflow through automation

Workflow management has long separated the most efficient companies from those that struggle to contain waste and ensure consistent productivity, and this fact has only intensified as operations have become a bit more complex in the digital, modern era.

Experts discuss merits of workflow automation

Automation has become one of the more commonly provisioned technologies in the past few years, as companies have recognized the vast range of processes that can be streamlined with the right types of enterprise software.

General automation considerations for new adopters

Automation software has no doubt become a more common investment among businesses in the past few years, but many companies are still relatively new to the prospect of overhauling existing processes and technologies for modernization purposes.

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