CloudTrade eInvoiceMost of your supplier’s financial applications can automatically generate and send PDF invoices via email. Invoices that are received via email (e.g. PDF, HTML, etc) can be automatically converted into eInvoices, ready for processing. Almost all financial systems can create a PDF+Text formatted invoice which will have a text data layer. CloudTrade eInvoice will take advantage of the data layer (no OCR used), which provides for 100% data extraction rates. If the supplier prefers to send XML, EDI, HTML or any other data enriched document, the CloudTrade eInvoice service will accommodate all formats.

CloudTrade eInvoice removes the barriers to eInvoicing.

  • Suppliers do not install new technology or change their technical infrastructure.
  • Suppliers do not change their processes to the way they do today.
  • Suppliers do not pay for the privilege of sending their eInvoices to you.

By removing these barriers, CloudTrade eInvoice ensures the maximum number of suppliers start sending electronic invoices in the shortest time frame to you.

CloudTrade infographic


  • Your suppliers will email PDF invoices.  This functionality is out of the box with almost all ERP systems and for the majority of suppliers is the preferred way to invoice.


  • CloudTrade eInvoice will receive the invoice as an email attachment.
  • CloudTrade eInvoice will extract the data from the text layer within the PDF (header/footer and line items).
  • The eInvoice data and original document are sent to your invoice workflow application.
  • All main connectivity methods such as FTPS, AS2 and HTTPS are supported.
ACCELERATING Business Processes