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EDM Services

EDM Services

The EDM Services (Electronic Document Management Services) module primarily allows OnBase users to store and manage documents generated by third-party applications, such as Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Users can interact with OnBase to store, retrieve, save multiple revisions of, and share documents from within the desktop applications that are familiar to them.

  • EDM Services contains the following features:
  • Check-in/check-out for revision control
  • Document Templates
  • Permanent Image Markups on documents

OnBase users can share documents and track revisions through one database. The document can be quickly accessed either through the OnBase Client or through an applicable software application. The document can also be routed via OnBase Workflow and be made available over the Web via the OnBase Web Client.

When a document’s content changes, the modified document can be saved as a revision. Documents can be saved as revisions with or without revision comments attached. Previous revisions are still retained, allowing employees to view prior revisions and track the document’s history.

While the document is checked out, other users can only retrieve and route a read-only version of the document. After changes have been made, the user checks the document back in and the document is available for the next user or users to review.

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