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OnBase for Human Resources

OnBase for Human Resources

When OnBase is integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), your HR employees can easily and instantly access both prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the HRIS. They never have to leave the system. And they may never realize they are working inside OnBase. Below are some key components of using OnBase within the HR department. Key factors include storing and retrieving documents, automating workflow processes and codeless integration with your HRIS system.

OnBase for Human Resources

Recruiting and Selection

OnBase captures, stores and routes applicant files, freeing recruiters from paper-based, manual processes, allowing recruiters to find the best candidates.

Employee Onboarding

With complete visibility into onboarding processes, OnBase ensures tasks are completed on time.

Employee File Management

OnBase provides human resources staff with a single location to store employee files, making them instantly available when needed. Within each employee file, OnBase identifies missing documents and automates document retention, helping organizations meet compliance standards and regulations.

Policies and Procedures

Electronically store and distribute policies and procedures, ensuring employee is aware of the most current policies while also supporting compliance.

Employee Separation

From benefits to payroll instructions, OnBase enables HR staff to automate the management of necessary activities for departing employees.

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