Hosting Services With Infrastructure-as-a-Service

As businesses continue to embrace modern IT solutions and onboard more and more cloud services to digitally transform, they eventually need to consider hosting services. Most businesses find that outsourcing the hosting of their infrastructure to renowned companies for their infrastructure security and resilience makes the most sense if they want to scale. That’s where infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) comes in.

All Star has partnered with Microsoft to offer Azure cloud services to host the solutions our customers use. Azure IaaS is the industry’s most robust, secure, and capable hosted solution on the market. Coupled with All Star’s enterprise-leading information management and automation products, Azure completes the picture to provide an enterprise class software platform within an enterprise class infrastructure.

What Is IaaS?

IaaS is an extension of your network that hosts All Star’s enterprise applications and solutions through on-demand storage, computing, and networking offerings. Organizations that use IaaS enjoy flexible configuration and a pay-as-you-go approach, so you are only paying for the IT and networking capacity needed in the moment. IaaS means you move your IT resources off your data center to the Azure cloud all of which is managed and maintained by All Star. Both All Star and Azure manage the infrastructure while you simply manage your software — or if you prefer, you can have the experts at All Star do it for you. Azure IaaS services and products include:

  • Compute: Scale on demand with cloud computing capacity and virtualization
  • Storage: Put your data, apps, and workloads in a secure cloud
  • Networking: Keep your on-premise and cloud infrastructure connected
  • Security: Microsoft’s built-in security services keep your workloads safe
  • Management: Your cloud resources stay compliant and are easily automated

With Azure, you also have the option to choose virtual machines for your workloads to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. You can run high-performance computing applications on Azure Virtual Machines by choosing your favorite Linux distribution or Windows Server.

What Do You Get With IaaS Through All Star?

Hosting your solutions on Azure IaaS allows you to:

Support Better Security

Microsoft is the industry’s leading cloud computing provider and has invested heavily in ensuring it offers robust security. You’ll find much better security for your computing and storage than you would in-house through Azure.

Increase Your Scalability

In an on-premise infrastructure model, it costs hefty sums of money to add to your data center and hire IT people to manage those machines. With IaaS and virtual machines, you can add or subtract capacity as your business demands it.

Reduce Costs Across the Board

Not only do you forgo the costs of on-premise equipment in an IaaS model, but you also save on IT labor to configure, manage, and maintain that equipment. In the pay-as-you-go model, you get flexibility as your business expands or shrinks, so you only pay for what you need. No more big upfront capital expenditures!

See Faster Innovation

When you want to onboard new technologies or build an app that requires more capacity, you don’t have to wait weeks for your IT department to accommodate the project. Your IaaS solution adds computing and storage for you in minutes or hours so that you can speed up innovation.

Enjoy Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Azure IaaS is renowned for its reliability and uptime. You’ll rest assured your infrastructure and data is safe and backed up in case of a disaster, and your business will suffer little-to-no loss if an outage occurs.

Get Guaranteed Compliance

The Microsoft Trust Center provides customers with resources on keeping their cloud services in compliance with over 40 different standards. Using risk assessments to assess the compliance of your existing services, you can be sure your technology solutions are compliant, and you can stay up on compliance developments.

If you’re interested in IaaS or virtual machines, reach out to All Star today. We’ll walk you through the options, architectures, and responsibilities of your cloud providers so you can start scaling your business.

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