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OnBase for ManufacturingOnBase

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Time is money. Join the growing number of companies using OnBase to support lean manufacturing, increase efficiency and improve cash flow. OnBase integrates with your asset management software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide documents right from those systems. Imagine how much time you could save if you had electronic invoicing, exceptions routing and real-time reporting. With OnBase, sustainability comes with better quality management processes and a decrease in days sales outstanding (DSO). And you don’t have to replace existing systems. It’s time to reduce risk and waste – and increase cash with OnBase.

Manufacturers accelerate processes and approvals in many departments throughout the company.

Speeds invoice approvals, gets every discount

Electronically capture AP documents as soon as they come in so they are immediately available and you process more invoices in less time.

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Lowers DSO and improves cash flow

Reduce collection time, resolve customer disputes on the first call and give customers secure online access to needed information.

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Simplifies HR tasks and processes

Manage HR files and processes from recruiting to separation and beyond. Ensure compliance and employee privacy with electronic employee files.

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Optimizes payroll processes

Manage employee change requests (e.g., name, position, pay rate, time off, etc.) to make sure you know what was changed, when and why.

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