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AHA Endorses OnBase as ‘ECM Solution of Choice’ for Third Consecutive Term

For the third consecutive three-year term, Hyland Software’s OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution was selected by the American Hospital Association (AHA) as its exclusive ECM solution of choice. AHA’s endorsement is awarded to products and services that best solve hospitals’ most critical operational challenges.

The endorsement underscores how hard Hyland works to be more than a vendor, but a true business partner with its healthcare clients. Even AHA Solutions’ CEO Anthony Burke agrees, saying healthcare-specific functionality standard in OnBase allows for scalability and evolution. Those healthcare specifics include seamless integration with your EMR and ERP system of choice.

Meaningful Healthcare Software Solutions

Physicians demand it, patients want more of it, and everyone else – from the Chief Financial Officer to the VP of Nursing – is tired of seeing it wasted. We’re talking about time and the myriad processes that steal it away from doctors and nurses, admissions staff, accounts payable and even the hospital’s IT department.

Most of those processes are tied to loose documents easily lost, misfiled or destroyed. Or complicated and redundant administrative processes that take time away from what’s truly meaningful – treating patients.

With an enterprise-wide document management solution from Hyland Software, time can be yours again. OnBase unites your healthcare management systems and documents, converting paper files to electronic documents, automating manual processes and integrating seamlessly with your electronic medical record (EMR). And that’s just to start.

Electronic Medical Record Software Integration

Content outside of your EMR – paper, forms, faxes, graphics, photos and clinical images – can be hard for an EMR to include in a patient record. OnBase captures these missing pieces of the patient record with ease so you extend interoperability within and between hospitals. By integrating your electronic medical records with OnBase, you never need to go anywhere else to get what you need. It’s all just a single mouse-click away within your EMR product.

Health Information Management

Patient information is the most important asset a healthcare organization has. Health information management (HIM) can trust it to OnBase. Just scan in paper and integrate data from existing systems, including clinical and medical coding software. That way, it’s not spread out in thousands of file folders and different systems; it’s all in one central repository. Information is just a click away in your EMR or HIS, medical coding and analysis is quicker, and compliance is stronger.

Accounts Payable

Now more than ever, you can’t afford balance sheet liabilities or to pass up vendor discounts. Manual AP processes take too many people and too much paper, slowing down payments. OnBase document management and workflow takes out the unnecessary labor and paper. The results are fast, standardized and efficient processes.

Patient Registration

A patient’s first impression is also the first step in the revenue cycle. Start both off right with better patient registration. Patients are happier and the revenue cycle is faster. Instead of copying patient documents (e.g. insurance cards, consent forms, IDs), capture them electronically without additional steps.

Rev Up Your Revenue Cycle; Integrate with your Medical Billing Software

When we break down the jargon of revenue cycle – administration and clinical functions, capture, management and collection, patient financial services – into simple language, what we’re really talking about is getting paid in a timely fashion.

And to get paid on time, everything within the revenue cycle has to spin at peak efficiency to protect against operating losses resulting from human error, technological breakdowns or customer defaults.From patient registration to denial management, the healthcare revenue cycle demands clean data – data free of misspellings, missing documents and incomplete information – and automated processes to work fast and efficiently.

By transparently integrating with a hospital’s existing technology infrastructure, Hyland Software’s OnBase Revenue Cycle Management solution provides an end-to-end solution that enhances patient satisfaction and helps boost the bottom line. It automates processes and strategically unites patient data from one end of the rev cycle to the other.

The result? Healthcare organizations can accept more claims, maximize reimbursements, accelerate cash flow and decrease days in accounts receivable. And with solutions that are tailored to the business, ensuring that hospitals pay only for the functionality they need, when they need it.

Human Resources

The unemployment rate is on the rise, but healthcare is one of the few industries still hiring. This means your HR department has to find the best candidates faster while searching through more resumes than ever. If that isn’t enough, you still have to maintain compliance and keep existing employees happy. Keep up with the demand with OnBase.

ACCELERATING Business Processes