OnBase ERP Integration


Enterprise Software Data Integration Solutions

It’s time to get more from your existing data you already have. Join the growing number of organizations using OnBase for software data integration – you’ll see that ROI rapidly follows. OnBase document management and data integration improves processes and reduces costs. Our partners include Microsoft®, SAP®, Oracle®, Lawson™ and ESRI®. And our certified solutions don’t need custom coding so systems integration won’t drain IT staff.

Application Enabler

Your software applications are critical to getting work done across your organization. However, many times they don’t “talk” with each other easily or include critical related documents. Application Enabler connects your business applications to OnBase, allowing employees to make use of shared data, documents and processes without leaving their familiar business application. And it does it without custom coding.


Users looking at invoice information in an ERP or accounting program might need to verify information or resolve a discrepancy. With Application Enabler, users don’t have to search through paper files or learn another software application to find it. They just double-click and the related invoice opens. They complete their task quickly and move on to the next one.

When users need to index a document into OnBase or fill out an electronic form, that information often already exists in a different business application. Rather than the error-prone process of manually re-entering data, Application Enabler copies information directly from the business application screen to populate keyword fields.

Core Features

  • Increases productivity by eliminating application switching and delivering double-click access to OnBase
  • Improves data accuracy and reduces re-keying by pulling data directly from the business application
  • Reduces training costs and accelerates user adoption by allowing users to remain in their familiar business application
  • Eliminates integration pains through codeless, point-and-click integration and rapid deployment options

ERP Software Integrations – Certified SAP® Solutions

You have ERP software to manage enterprise data, but what is managing the documents that support it? It’s time to eliminate manual paperwork processing and extend the value of your ERP solution. With OnBase certified SAP solutions, documents are available right from enterprise resource planning software screens. This eliminates waiting for supporting documents and reduces costs and cycle times.


OnBase captures all documents as soon as they arrive – at any location – and they are instantly available from ERP software screens for processing. They can even create SAP transactions.OnBase ERP solutions don’t require custom coding, so you don’t need IT resources to change approval workflows or create reports. Let your SAP enterprise resource planning system do what it does best – manage the data – and let OnBase manage the documents.

Core Features

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry without custom coding into SAP
  • Shortens cycles and reduces costs per transaction
  • Avoids document-related project delays
  • Eliminates integration pains through codeless, point-and-click integration and rapid deployment options

Oracle® ERP Integration

As an Oracle Certified Partner, our Oracle integration lets you get more out of your ERP investment. Unlike other Oracle integrations, our integration with Oracle can be used across departments and processes. From Accounting and Finance to HR, CRM or even Supply Chain applications, OnBase keeps documents in synch with your Oracle data and processes.


When you integrate your Oracle ERP with OnBase, you keep costs low and productivity high. Oracle users get instant access to documents like e-mails, reports, correspondence, invoices and more directly from their E-Business Suite applications. Users get instant access to critical data right from their Oracle screens. This integration with Oracle also easily manages the capture and indexing of all transaction-related content generated outside of the ERP. Many OnBase customers also extend their Oracle integration to other enterprise applications like PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.

Core Features

  • Enhances Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards with one-click access to needed documents
  • Improves productivity, reduces costs and facilitates straight-through processing from your Oracle ERP
  • Reduces risk by automatically tracking compliance-related controls
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