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Processing expense reports is often an unpleasant task for the employee who has to submit receipts and supporting documents and for management who has to approve the submitted expense reports.  However, a well-organized system can make this process more efficient for both management and employee.

T&E costs, second only to payroll as the largest business expense, are becoming increasingly more difficult to control as companies expand across borders and grow through acquisitions. Effective budgeting, planning, and management of travel and entertainment expenses is crucial for companies of all sizes.  An Expense Report Automation solution can help all organizations to…

  • Reduce processing and auditing costs by automating the expense management process
  • Enforce internal policies and reduce costs with negotiated corporate travel rates
  • Reduce the cost of every expense report transaction by up to 80%
  • Reduce the reimbursement cycle time by 70%
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce risk levels posed by non-compliance
  • Eliminate lost documents and denied reimbursements
  • Eliminate the postage fees usually involved in mailing expense reports
  • Provide flexible retrieval of expense receipts inside and outside of the expense report system

As your company grows, expense reporting becomes more of a burden.  The appropriate software can streamline this process. An Expense Report Automation solution can significantly reduce transaction costs and improve management control when logging, calculating and processing corporate expenses.

Independent research evaluating the use of automated expense report systems has confirmed that the cost of processing an expense claim is reduced as the level of automation increases.  PayStream Advisors reports that in 2015, the average cost per expense report was $26.63—quite high, especially when compared to the average cost of $6.85 per report with a fully automated Travel Expense Management solution. These costs place heavy burdens on organizations processing hundreds of thousands of expense reports each year.  As The Aberdeen Group has reported in their research, analytics is key in expense management visibility, providing intelligence into business travel ROI and understanding how this category effects greater business objectives.

All Star’s Expense Report Automation solution provides the ability to create, code, approve and report on expense reports that are in process or completed. This not only decreases processing costs, but can also enable an organization to have greater management control, bring visibility to expense spend and improve adherence to corporate policy.

All Star’s solution also offers mobile functionality, allowing business travelers and executives to participate in key expense management processes as well as expense receipt capture via smartphones or tablet devices. This means a constant approval chain for approvers, which leads to quicker reimbursements for employees and earlier access to reporting for administrators.

If you already have an Expense Report Automation solution, All Star’s Expense Report Receipt Capture solution captures and connects expense receipts to your existing expense report system (SAP Travel and Expense Management, Oracle iExpense, PeopleSoft Enterprise Expenses, Lawson Expense Management, JD Edwards Expense Management, etc.). This allows approvers to view all the receipts throughout the workflow process and at any time in the future.

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