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Forms processing is a key element of every business. Internal and external forms need to be completed and the data from these forms pushed to a line of business/ERP application. Eliminating manual data entry has always been the driving force behind forms processing. The flexibility this technology demonstrates in form design, data validation rules and data exporting makes it essential for most organizations.

Forms processing technology enables an organization to extract hand written or typed information from digitized paper documents. “New age” forms processing allows users to electronically enter data into electronic forms (eForms) rather than having the users enter data into a paper document. Forms processed can include new account forms, application forms, claim forms, loan documents, etc.

Forms processing software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read/extract machine printed data, ICR technology to read/extract hand-written data, and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to read/extract check boxes, bubbles etc. Once the system extracts data, it can compare the extracted data with information in a centralized database to validate the data and further eliminate errors. Using forms processing technology dramatically decreases the amount of time required to manually enter data into a line of business system.

The next generation of forms processing technology is eForms. eForms technology enables forms to be posted electronically on an Intranet or Extranet to be accessed by internal employees or external customers and suppliers. eForms takes data entry automation to the next level and gives companies the ability to automatically validate data as it is entered into the form. Once entered and validated, the data is automatically sent to the line of business system. Where traditional forms processing eliminates duplicate data entry (user enters data on the form and another user enters the data from the form into a database), eForms processing accomplishes this while eliminating the time lag associated with the paper form moving from the originator to the data entry operator.

In either case (paper or eForm), All Star’s forms processing solutions will allow your company to design an unlimited number of forms via a point and click interface. These forms can be distributed as paper forms, HTML forms, or PDF forms, collected via scanning, email or file import and provide the ability to export data to your line of business systems in real time.

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