Output Management Systems

Output Management is a technology that provides the ability to capture, organize, format and distribute data and documents that are created by line of business applications and ERP systems. Output management systems reduce or eliminate printing costs by using digital output channels. Using a point-and-click designer interface, standard output is automatically converted into more attractive, functional, and efficient electronic documents, which can then be intelligently distributed over a variety of delivery channels including print, fax, email, web or document management archive.

Output management solutions enable your organization to efficiently and cost-effectively manage high-volume business document distribution. You can deliver business-critical information from virtually any source to any destination across your distributed enterprise.

Industry studies have found that companies spend between 2 – 6 percent of their revenues producing paper-based information. Even in organizations with better control of printing costs, far too many resources are spent in creating, copying, shipping, bursting, delivering, and storing paper output. Most companies have multiple output systems and numerous redundant printers, making it impossible to ensure that critical documents reach their intended destination in a timely manner.

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