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Provide faster, improved access to content

No matter where or how content enters your organization, OnBase captures it to provide faster, simpler, improved access to those who need it most. Beyond importing documents – from scanners, electronic locations and mobile devices – and ingesting data in a variety of ways, OnBase also automatically extracts data from incoming documents. This minimizes manual data entry and speed processes from the point of ingestion.

OnBase provides these capture capabilities alongside content management, case management and BPM capabilities – speeding business processes from beginning to end.


OnBase will work with any scanning device, from the all-in-one printer devices suitable for scanning single pages, all the way to systems capable of scanning thousands of pages per hour.

Just as scanners come in all shapes and sizes to meet various needs, from low-volume scanning to high-speed capture, OnBase also has a variety of scanning software options designed to meet your requirements.

High Volume Batch Scanning
OnBase can capture hundreds or thousands of documents daily at both remote offices and centralized locations. Do you have costly warehouses filled with paper documents? Do you receive even more paper in the mail each day? Are you wondering how to capture all that content electronically?

The Production Document Imaging module can help you rapidly scan, index and archive large volumes of documents directly into OnBase. Powerful post-capture options result in complete automation. Eliminate tedious manual data entry. Make your content instantly accessible to all employees, accelerating your business process cycles.

Low Volume and Scan On-Demand
With OnBase, your users can scan documents as they come into your business, using the devices most convenient for their role. Do your users need to scan documents as soon as they receive them? Or do they compile documents into small batches that they’ll scan in intervals throughout the day?

If so, OnBase has a variety of options for you:

  • Does each user have a scanner on his desk or will they share a scanner?
  • Do you have Multi-Function Print devices that could be used for scanning?
  • Does your necessary indexing happen at the moment of scanning?

If you are waiting too long for your centrally located scanning department to scan your documents, it may delay your key business processes. Relying on a single, overloaded department and workforce is inefficient. Especially since there is an affordable solution for departmental scanning with OnBase.

Imagine if all your employees could capture critical business documents the moment they’re received. Cycle times would shrink and paper-based inefficiencies would be eliminated.

Quick and painless document capture is within your reach with OnBase. Any user – regardless of role or technical expertise – can easily scan documents directly into OnBase with the push of a button. Documents are immediately accessible and ready to drive your vital business processes.

Leverage your investment in networked multi-function devices by quickly and easily scanning documents directly into OnBase. Instantly provide all of your employees – even remote staff – with real-time access to business documents.

Your line of business systems and web applications contain critical business data that must be documented. Did you know that you could easily capture this information without expensive integrations or custom code?

You can with OnBase. It’s as simple as clicking the print button. Information captured from your business applications is converted to digital form and stored securely, triggering automated processes.

If it can be printed, it can be captured to OnBase.

Reduce or Eliminate Manual Indexing

No matter what document you feed into the process, OnBase can help eliminate manually entering data from the captured document. OnBase can extract information from your documents using various technology tools like:

  • Optical Character Recognition, used to extract machine-printed characters
  • Intelligent Character Recognition, used to extract hand-printed characters
  • Optical Mark Recognition, used to determine a selection from a list of choices (i.e. checks in check boxes)
  • Barcode Recognition, used to extract data from barcodes located on the document

Eliminating manual efforts around document processing can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs, by lowering labor and document handling costs
  • Accelerated business processes, through automation
  • Improved service, by ensuring employees have up-to-date, accurate information right at their fingertips

Electronic Documents

OnBase captures documents and email attachments directly from Microsoft Office applications. Additional email client integrations and a variety of import capabilities enable document capture from virtually any electronic location. OnBase can also ingest a variety of data stream formats to bring relevant data and business-critical documents together in one system.

It’s not just paper documents that are hard to find. When your relevant business information is in electronic form, it can get scattered across file shares, shared and personal email inboxes, Microsoft SharePoint sites, fax servers and other business systems.

Importing your electronic documents into OnBase allows you to manage them in combination with your other important and related business content. Centralizing your information allows you to have one single place where you can:

  • Securely access all of your important information
  • Route all of your related information through your business processes
  • Manage the complete cycle of corporate records

Capture Individual Documents On-Demand
As your employees create and use documents throughout the day, it is vital that these documents come “in to play” in your business as quickly as possible. This allows:

  • Privileged business users to have instant access to the most current information available
  • Each version of the documents to be tracked and stored
  • Your business processes run as quickly as possible based on the very latest information

Just as there are a huge variety of ways that your employees can generate and create documents in many different applications, there are similarly many ways your employees can easily import these documents into OnBase. Whether they manually import the documents directly through one of the OnBase client interfaces, upload right from the toolbar in their email and office applications, or even complete an electronic form while they are on the road, one thing is true, being able to capture documents as soon as your users create them could not be easier.

Email and Fax
OnBase integrates with numerous email and fax servers – from Outlook, LotusNotes, and Groupwise, to Biscom Faxcom, and Esker Fax.

Document-Generating Applications
With OnBase, import ASCII, PCL, AFP, DJDE, PDF, and XML data streams directly from the applications that generate them.

If you have applications which generate documents and reports that you print to paper or electronic files, it’s time to stop printing and directly import your documents into OnBase instead. Because these documents are already electronic in format, OnBase can use the information contained within the documents to index them into the system, so no manual indexing is required.

OnBase takes management reports directly from your enterprise systems, automatically creating searchable electronic versions and triggering business processes. Once in OnBase, reports are instantly accessible to everyone in your organization. No more spending too much time printing and distributing green bar reports from your enterprise applications.

XML output is a standard for today’s business systems and a common way for those systems to share information. OnBase imports XML report files, automatically classifying, indexing, and creating individual readable documents. The same document can be displayed differently based on an employee’s role in the organization. Documents are immediately searchable, accessible and eligible for automated processing.

SharePoint, File Shares, and FTP Sites
OnBase captures your electronic documents from file shares, SharePoint, and FTP sites, using existing metadata for indexing and classification.

With Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint, instantly capture SharePoint content and automatically connect it to the rest of the documents, information and reports processed and historically archived in OnBase – all without any custom programming.

You can manually import and index all your documents in OnBase. Remember, though, that the most costly part of this process is manual indexing. If you are able to get the index values for each of your documents from somewhere else, such as another system or from file and folder names, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and expense by using an import processor. You have large collections of documents in electronic format from third-party scanning services or outdated legacy systems. The conversion of archived content usually requires costly custom programming. Quickly and easily centralize the storage of these documents in one location: OnBase. Reuse existing text and XML indexing data to automatically import and classify thousands of electronic files.

Whether from a multi-function device or third-party source, your documents may already exist in a structured network folder structure. But can you instantly find specific documents or content related to a certain transaction?  OnBase automatically imports and indexes files from a network folder structure which can leverage the consistency of the existing naming and structure.  No custom coding or additional user activity is required to bring documents into OnBase from your network folder structure.

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