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Faxcom Fax OCR

Faxcom Fax OCR

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Biscom’s Advanced Fax Routing (AFR) module provides an extensive set of features for processing and delivering received faxes, often initiating a fax workflow. AFR is available for the FAXCOM® fax server and Hosted Fax Service.

Common implementations of Advanced Fax Routing include:

  • Redirect faxes when a recipient is out-of-office
  • Deliver faxes to different locations based on the date-and-time
  • Deliver the fax image along with additional extracted data in CSV or XML format
  • Split a multi-page fax into multiple deliveries

Some data is known about a fax as soon as it arrives – details such as the date & time, the destination fax number, and the Caller-ID and TSID of the fax sender. Other details can be extracted from the fax image, or even from a network resource. For example, an OCR process might capture a “claim number” or “customer ID,” or a barcode scan might produce an “order number.” These additional data points might then be used to query a network resource for corresponding data. All of these data points can be used to determine the fax routing instructions. For example, the FAXCOM Fax Server can query a network resource to match the Caller-ID of a received fax with an email address to which that fax should be delivered. Using OCR results, the FAXCOM Fax Server can query a network resource to obtain ship-to, bill-to, and credit terms that match the customer number obtained via OCR. All of these data points can then be delivered to Accounting along with the fax.

Advanced Fax Routing is a component of Biscom’s FAXCOM Suite for Windows application, which can be installed with an on-premise server and Biscom’s hosted servers. FAXCOM Suite for Windows is a fax server solution that integrates with Active Directory and other LDAP databases, supports Group Policy and FAXCOM Policy for managing users’ permissions, and provides email, Web, and desktop fax interfaces, in addition to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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