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What Is TotalAgility, and Why Do Organizations Need It?

What Is TotalAgility, and Why Do Organizations Need It?

As today’s organizations seek ways to stay agile and competitive in the face of evolving customer demand, unsteady supply chains, and economic uncertainty, they are turning to digital technologies for help. Digitally transforming business processes and workflows through tools like automation supports the modern need to adapt and innovate quickly.

But the umbrella of automation technologies is huge. Organizations often find themselves unsure which tools will help them improve operations. That’s where intelligent automation platforms come in. Solutions like TotalAgility — a low-code intelligent automation platform — help organizations take advantage of automation and improve dozens of business processes.

What Is TotalAgility?

TotalAgility is an integrated platform from Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) that enables organizations to automate content and data driven workflows, bring together low-code process design, drive AI-based intelligent document processes, and much more. The platform integrates with other capabilities of Tungsten’s intelligent automation software, such as robotic process automation (RPA), to automate manual and repeatable tasks. TotalAgility combines document intelligence, process orchestration, and advanced integration capabilities to manage automation throughout an organization.

In early 2023, TotalAgility 7.11 was released, which added several improvements to the platform, including Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), new low-code design features, and enhanced development security operations (DevSecOps) capabilities. Tungsten stated that organizations use TotalAgility to “reduce total processing time by as much as 75% or more” for mission-critical use cases, and its new Quick RPA designer now allows customers to “automate tasks 50% faster.”

The Advantages of Using Kofax TotalAgility

TotalAgility connects all your business systems, such as legacy software, applications, chatbots, and more. With these systems integrated, you’ll streamline data across your organization and take advantage of more benefits of this solution:

Better manage business data and content with advanced intelligence

The data organizations take in grows exponentially each year as businesses onboard more technologies. TotalAgility helps organizations address unstructured data with lightning-fast extraction, and it transforms content and data-centric workflows. With advanced cognitive capture capabilities, it classifies and extracts data from information-intensive documents like financial files, contracts, and forms. The platform’s document intelligence enables organizations to accelerate workflows and unlock data-based insights.

Free up employees through process orchestration and automation

TotalAgility allows organizations to scale workforce capacity as needed. Automation allows employees to move away from repetitive work that consumes their time and devote hours to more high-value work.

Easily configure the solution to your business needs

TotalAgility’s low-code aspect means anyone can configure solutions on the platform. Intuitive design, preconfigured functionalities, and a drag-and-drop interface make it easy to create solutions and configure business logic such as rules and forms.

Leverage the power of AI

Embedded AI in TotalAgility means your organization can use advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies to process and analyze content and data flexibly. TotalAgility’s AI helps your teams better understand information from unstructured documents.

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