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Additional OnBase Modules

Did you know that there are more than 150 OnBase modules? We’ve devoted a full page to our most popular offerings, but any module could be the solution to your toughest business problem. That’s one of the best things about OnBase – you purchase only the pieces you need to solve your day-to-day issues. You won’t find any expensive shelfware here; we offer real solutions to real problems. In fact, you can implement most of our solutions with no scripting and no custom development. Just point and click to integrate your most critical systems.

Read about some of our other modules below.

ACH Generator

Creates an Automated Clearing House (ACH) file that meets electronic funds transfer regulations. Also includes a pre-note test file feature and a check consolidation feature that combines multiple payments into a single transaction.

Archive Services for MS SharePoint

Transfers SharePoint content into OnBase, allowing you to utilize the strengths of OnBase ECM technologies. For example, you can take advantage of crucial disaster recovery features, secure their information through encryption, and easily manage records in the centralized OnBase system.

Bar Code Recognition Server

Allows a single workstation to provide bar code recognition for many scan stations. Bar codes are used to automatically separate and classify batches of scanned documents. With the Bar Code Recognition server, you are able to take advantage of this ability on several workstations without needing to buy licenses for each scan station.

CAD Services

Lets users retrieve, archive and modify drawings without leaving their existing CAD application. OnBase integrates with leading CAD applications from AutoDesk®, Bentley® and Dassault Systems to make documents and drawings available in a single location.

Connector for Esker

Provides a straightforward and automatic way for you to store documents captured with Esker DeliveryWare. This means that documents from various sources (fax, scan, e-mail, etc) are all sent directly to the OnBase system when captured, saving time and reducing errors.

Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Links documents in OnBase to related items and records in SharePoint, giving you immediate access to any OnBase content from within the familiar SharePoint environment. Based upon rules defined by the SharePoint site owner, related OnBase content is easily available in the form of item list attachments and document library items.

Directory Import Processor

Allows OnBase users to import documents from any kind of file directory. Directory Import Processor uses the folder and file names to automatically classify and index the documents when they are imported. This means you can automatically import files from other systems and connect previously unrelated documents in the secure and centrally managed OnBase storage solution.

Distribution Service

Provides central control of automated e-mail notifications sent by OnBase modules. Distribution Services lets you manage these notifications from a single workstation instead of managing settings on multiple machines.

Document Transfer

Changes the way two related organizations share information by allowing OnBase data and content to be shared and/or copied between two (or more) independent OnBase systems. Document Transfer sends packages of documents without changing the types or keywords used to classify them in either system, allowing the easy movement of files.

Extractor for Data Warehousing

Pulls data from a Workflow process and sends it to an outside database for extra analysis, giving you access to the information needed to make important and effective business decisions. You also have the option of pairing the data with information from other systems within a database, data mart, or data warehouse.

Field Reporting

Gives law enforcement officers the ability to gather and record data in the field using workstations that don’t require a constant connection to OnBase. This tool makes it possible for officers to create and review incident reports while offline and attach digital files (like photos and audio/visual recordings) from the scene of the incident.

Host Enabler

Reduces time spent switching between applications by giving you quick and easy access directly from the OnBase Client to the programs and applications you already have, allowing you to take advantage of your existing investments with point-and-click personalization.

Image Document Composition

Automatically creates image documents using scanned-in forms. Organizations that regularly fill out paper forms save time and effort by standardizing the creation and storage of those forms with Image Document Composition, which also makes sure that all fields are completed.

Integration for Adobe LiveCycle server

Allows businesses to take advantage of their existing investment in Adobe LiveCycle Forms technology while gaining the benefits of OnBase and Workflow. Completed forms from Adobe LiveCycle are captured and stored directly into OnBase, giving you more flexibility and control over the information.

Integration for AutoStore Route to OnBase

Captures and archives OnBase documents on your digital copier or multifunction printer without requiring the user to know anything about OnBase, helping you take full advantage of the devices you already have.

Integration for eCopy ShareScan OP

Captures and archives OnBase documents on your eCopy ShareScan digital copier or multifunction printer without requiring the user to know anything about OnBase, helping you take full advantage of the devices you already have.

Integration for Kofax Capture

Gives OnBase the ability to directly import documents scanned and processed in Kofax Capture. Batches of documents are catalogued in Kofax Capture using their forms processing tools and then sent to OnBase for secure storage.

Integration for MS InfoPath

Allows users to import forms created by InfoPath into OnBase so that they can be processed, tracked, archived and routed through Workflow. Without knowledge of HTML, users easily create standardized InfoPath forms to be processed automatically by OnBase.

Integration for ScanSnap

Provides a simple way to scan documents across the internet directly into an OnBase system through a user-friendly touch screen. Documents arrive faster, and are already imaged and indexed.

Integration for Sharp OSA MFP

Captures and archives OnBase documents on your Sharp OSA multifunction printer without requiring the user to know anything about OnBase, helping you take full advantage of the devices you already have.

Integration for Visoneer OneTouch

Simplifies the process of capturing documents so that any user in your organization can scan in documents with the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for specific user training and in-depth knowledge.

Integration for WebDAV

Lets you interact with OnBase documents, Workflows, and scan queues through a Web or desktop folder. With the ability to import, change and manage documents, Integration for WebDAV lets users collaborate over the internet without ever leaving the familiarity of common folder organization.

Integration for WSRP

Lets you search, retrieve, view and interact with the OnBase content and processes you need to perform day-to-day job responsibilities from any enterprise portal that supports the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WRSP) 1.0 standard.

Report Mining Integrations for Datawatch Monarch

Pulls data from COLD/ERM information stored in Onbase and imports it into data mining software from Datawatch Corp, helping to uncover patterns and relationships in your organization’s activity and history without the need for IT assistance.

Signature Pad Interface

Captures signatures electronically, allowing users to sign documents and E-Forms within OnBase. Speed up business processes that are delayed by the need to scan signed documents, including approvals, order receipt or policy acknowledgement. Signatures are permanently burned onto the document for a secure and unchangeable record of the captured signature.

Single Sign-On for Multiple Products

Permits users working over an extranet (WAN) or local area network (LAN) to access OnBase, and all protected company resources, with a single system logon. This means fewer passwords to remember and fewer logons necessary to access information you need to do your job, without putting overall system security at risk.

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Combines the content of OnBase with the environment of SharePoint in a single efficient interface, so there’s no need to be familiar with OnBase or even open the program to work with stored documents and data. Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to search, retrieve, view and interact with OnBase content and processes through familiar SharePoint Web pages. That way, you reduce the need for extra user training and support while giving casual users a view into the OnBase processes.

WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook

Automatically connects e-mails in Microsoft Outlook to related WorkView data, allowing users easy one-click access to information without ever needing to leave Outlook to find it. Users create new WorkView objects, use filters, and perform searches right from the familiar Outlook window, saving time and improving services without the need for extra training.

XML Index Document Import Processor

Offers the same benefits as the Document Import Processor, except that it uses an XML index file instead of a text file. Automatically imports, classifies and indexes high volumes of documents, regardless of electronic file type.

XML Tag Import Processor

Parses, indexes and stores XML document data streams (files) into OnBase, regardless of XML source. A single XML file can contain multiple documents, which can be parsed into one or more OnBase Document Types. Once the XML documents are in OnBase, they can be displayed using a variety of XML style sheets for viewing and printing.

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