OnBase for Retail


Inventory Software Integrations for Retail

Retail organizations using OnBase with their inventory software have better process control and a better handle on cash flow. OnBase eases inventory and program management by providing documents right from enterprise resource planning (ERP) or inventory management software screens. With documents at staff fingertips, they spend time on customers and account care. Not looking for paper. OnBase solutions for electronic invoicing and exceptions routing speed AR cycles. Disputes resolve in seconds – and days sales outstanding (DSO) drops. Isn’t it time to improve your bottom line by adding OnBase to your inventory control software?

Retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitality and other customer-centric organizations use OnBase to reduce costs and combat thinning margins.

Lets you make faster, better informed decisions

Centralizing information often stored on paper or in separated software applications lets management see the full picture before making a decision.

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Improves accounting processes

Automate AP and AR processes. Create more favorable terms from vendors, realize revenue sooner and generate more accurate financial forecasts.

Supports compliance and makes audits faster

Document good business practices with automatic audit trails and document histories. Provide audit documents in hours, not days.

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ACCELERATING Business Processes