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Facts to Consider when Choosing an Enterprise Content Management Solution: The Hyland Software and OnBase Difference

Throughout Hyland.com, we do our best to educate you about enterprise content management (ECM) with our ECM Solution Guide, inform you about trends in our industry, like the emergence of mobile solutions, as well as trends within your industry, such as the focus on Accountable Care Organizations in healthcare. We work hard to provide you with all the tools you need to make an educated and informed buying decision.

But we also know that – above all else – the two most important matters to consider when investing in an ECM solution are the simplicity and flexibility of the software and the stability and innovation of the company and people providing you with the solution.

That’s why we’d like to take a moment of your time to share with you a few of the things that set apart Hyland Software and OnBase. More…

OnBase Workflow

Workflow Software

Ever thought about how much time and money you spend waiting for information? Manually routing data and documents in and out of your organization is not just expensive – it’s risky. The workflow management tool in OnBase can help. Tasks that require an army in a paper-based world can be completed quickly and easily by a small team with Workflow.


More than just routing documents, Workflow automatically processes work so you can focus on the job you were hired for – not chasing paper. The OnBase Workflow software solution is quickly and easily configured to meet rapidly changing business conditions so you get a competitive advantage and better meet the needs of those who rely on you. Just as importantly, the documents Workflow processes are safe. No more folders on desks, left in cars or mysteriously lost. Only the right people at the right time can access it. More…

OnBase Mobile Solutions

Want to approve transaction like an invoice, requisition, expense report or vacation request from your smartphone or iPad from the back of a Yellow Cab?  How about give access to new documents and eForms in the field with a simple search? OnBase Mobile can do it all from more devices than ever.

With OnBase Mobile, users have access to proven capabilities in their OnBase workflow and enterprise content management solution when they need it, how they need.  Information access, review and approval is now available in a secure and natively written application for the most popular mobile devices. More…

OnBase Document Capture and Imaging

Solve your document capture, imaging and import problems with one solution. Our document imaging and management solutions reduce storage costs, help you meet compliance standards and increase productivity. Beyond just document imaging solutions, OnBase has many tools to meet your needs.


Business applications might be the backbone of your organization, but getting usable information out of them in a timely and cost-effective manner can be a challenge. Many organizations print large reports and distribute them as needed, but this is time-consuming and costly. Additionally, manually searching for a specific piece of information within that report can be frustrating. To top it all off, related documents stored across systems are hard to connect.

Disconnected Scanning

Centralized scanning often isn’t as painless and simple as it sounds. Getting documents to the central location often comes with high shipping costs and decreased cycle times. Centralized scanning also takes documents out of the hands of those who know the most about them and can lead to indexing errors. All of this slows customer service and even puts new business and revenues at risk. Securely capturing the documents where they were created reduces shipping costs and enhances service.

Document Imaging

Don’t copy, store and hunt for paper documents anymore. Instead, scan documents in with OnBase Document Imaging. They’ll be more secure, easier to access and quickly passed through processes. With document imaging management, employees don’t have to waste time on tedious paper filing or searching through folders and file cabinets. That means they’ll have more time to spend on core job functions and they’ll get more done. More…

OnBase Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Finding what you need in a document with thousands of pages is like looking for a needle in a haystack. OnBase optical character recognition (OCR) software finds the needle for you. The OCR application lets you search for any word or phrase in a scanned or imported image.


Optical character recognition software eliminates hunting through a lot of pages or a group of documents. For example, OnBase OCR lets healthcare organizations find a single patient’s data in a long explanation of benefits (EOB). Accounts payable departments find specific items in invoices that could have hundreds of lines. When you have specific information that is hard to index or locate, OCR makes it easy to find. That way you speed up business decisions.

Core Features

  • Finds information quicker to speed up business decisions
  • Eliminates wasted time scrolling through pages to find one detail
  • Lets users search across multiple documents without hunting through each one


OnBase Automated Indexing and Data Extraction

Turning paper documents into powerful, reusable business content doesn’t stop at scanning. But manually entering information from the scanned image into line-of-business systems is time consuming and expensive. The process often creates indexing bottlenecks and increases cycle times. Automated forms processing applications are often difficult to install and require additional application management.


Automated Indexing brings optical character recognition (OCR) technology to OnBase.

Pre-defined template forms, combined with an accurate OCR engine, lets you automatically classify and index scanned images. OCR-based classification and indexing can be more reliable and much faster than manual entry. The OCR engine performs the mundane task of document indexing while staff validate or correct questionable values only when needed.

Core Features

  • Reduces overall resource requirements needed for document indexing and classification
  • Improves document indexing accuracy and speed
  • Speeds time-sensitive data and documents into your business processes to reduce cycle times


OnBase ERP Integration

Enterprise Software Data Integration Solutions

It’s time to get more from your existing data you already have. Join the growing number of organizations using OnBase for software data integration – you’ll see that ROI rapidly follows. OnBase document management and data integration improves processes and reduces costs. Our partners include Microsoft®, SAP®, Oracle®, Lawson™ and ESRI®. And our certified solutions don’t need custom coding so systems integration won’t drain IT staff.

Application Enabler

Your software applications are critical to getting work done across your organization. However, many times they don’t “talk” with each other easily or include critical related documents. Application Enabler connects your business applications to OnBase, allowing employees to make use of shared data, documents and processes without leaving their familiar business application. And it does it without custom coding.

ERP Software Integrations – Certified SAP® Solutions

You have ERP software to manage enterprise data, but what is managing the documents that support it? It’s time to eliminate manual paperwork processing and extend the value of your ERP solution. With OnBase certified SAP solutions, documents are available right from enterprise resource planning software screens. This eliminates waiting for supporting documents and reduces costs and cycle times.

Oracle® ERP Integration

As an Oracle Certified Partner, our Oracle integration lets you get more out of your ERP investment. Unlike other Oracle integrations, our integration with Oracle can be used across departments and processes. From Accounting and Finance to HR, CRM or even Supply Chain applications, OnBase keeps documents in synch with your Oracle data and processes. More…

OnBase Email Integration

E-mail Solutions

Billions and billions of e-mails are created every day. Managing them is hard enough. Managing them in conjunction with business processes is even harder. OnBase lets you take control of your e-mail and treat it as the record of business that it is. With OnBase, organizations can better manage their enterprise e-mail behind the scenes with automatic archiving. They can also let users stay in their familiar e-mail application while they take advantage of OnBase features such as workflow and document retrieval.

Featured E-mail Modules

E-mail Archive For Microsoft Exchange®

E-mail is an indispensable part of everyday business. However, managing it across an organization is a bit like herding cats. Without keeping control over it, organizations risk legal problems and expensive storage of millions of e-mails. E-mail Archive for Microsoft Exchange makes it easy for organizations to capture, search and find every e-mail in their enterprise. It stores one copy of all e-mail in a single, central repository so they can be pulled up in a matter of seconds.

Integration for IBM Lotus Notes®

When IBM Lotus Notes is a primary business tool for your users, why should they have to leave it to find what they need in OnBase? It reduces productivity and hinders adoption. With the Integration for IBM Lotus Notes, users interact with OnBase content and Workflow processes within Lotus Notes. They can import and automatically index e-mails by just dragging and dropping an e-mail into Lotus Notes. They can also pull up OnBase documents, link to workflows, view OnBase folders and cross-reference, all without leaving Lotus Notes.

E-mail Software Solutions – Integration for Microsoft Outlook

If you are using Outlook as your e-mail software, you know it is much more than a messaging tool. It helps keep business processes moving by instantly sharing mission-critical documents and information. By integrating directly with this e-mail service, OnBase can eliminate the silos of data that go along with high volume Outlook messaging. Proper Outlook e-mail management and e-mail archiving not only helps you to avoid risk – it also delivers a positive impact to your bottom line. More…

OnBase Portal Integration

Additional OnBase Modules

Did you know that there are more than 150 OnBase modules? We’ve devoted a full page to our most popular offerings, but any module could be the solution to your toughest business problem. That’s one of the best things about OnBase – you purchase only the pieces you need to solve your day-to-day issues. You won’t find any expensive shelfware here; we offer real solutions to real problems. In fact, you can implement most of our solutions with no scripting and no custom development. Just point and click to integrate your most critical systems.

Read about some of our other modules below.

ACH Generator

Creates an Automated Clearing House (ACH) file that meets electronic funds transfer regulations. Also includes a pre-note test file feature and a check consolidation feature that combines multiple payments into a single transaction.

Archive Services for MS SharePoint

Transfers SharePoint content into OnBase, allowing you to utilize the strengths of OnBase ECM technologies. For example, you can take advantage of crucial disaster recovery features, secure their information through encryption, and easily manage records in the centralized OnBase system. More…

OnBase Invoice Processing

Commercial Solutions

Producing the highest quality products at the lowest price just isn’t possible with paper slowing your organization down. By eliminating paper, especially in accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources processes, organizations reduce operating costs. You connect documents to processes in your ERP system, maximizing its value. You improve customer service and vendor relationships with self-service online access to documents and process status. More…

OnBase for Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Software Solutions

Time is money. Join the growing number of companies using OnBase to support lean manufacturing, increase efficiency and improve cash flow. OnBase integrates with your asset management software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide documents right from those systems. Imagine how much time you could save if you had electronic invoicing, exceptions routing and real-time reporting. With OnBase, sustainability comes with better quality management processes and a decrease in days sales outstanding (DSO). And you don’t have to replace existing systems. It’s time to reduce risk and waste – and increase cash with OnBase.

Manufacturers accelerate processes and approvals in many departments throughout the company.

Speeds invoice approvals, gets every discount

Electronically capture AP documents as soon as they come in so they are immediately available and you process more invoices in less time.

Lowers DSO and improves cash flow

Reduce collection time, resolve customer disputes on the first call and give customers secure online access to needed information. More…

OnBase for Construction

Property and Construction Management Software Integrations

Construction firms that use OnBase with their property and construction management software reduce waste and drive out costs. Contract management software integrated with OnBase means virtually paperless processes. And Web-based contract management reviews ensure the best terms with shorter cycles. Even if the person who needs to make the decision is offsite. Document access right from construction estimating or management software means no more delays waiting for paperwork. OnBase makes it easier to finish on time and on budget.

Improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity from the time a prospective client or buyer is registered through post-closing customer service.

Improves communication with customers, vendors and partners

Store all of your information in a single place (e-mails, reports, CAD drawings, faxes, etc.) and share them securely with those that need them online. More…

OnBase for Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Solutions

Organizations in the food and beverage industry need visibility into many strategic areas, including Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Human Resources (HR) and FDA compliance. That way, they can balance supply and demand amidst some of the most stringent regulations in the manufacturing industry. But the processes that drive them are often overloaded with documents, even with strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in place. OnBase eliminates the paper so organizations run smoothly enterprise-wide.

Whether manufacturer, wholesaler, restaurant, grocery, convenience or wholesale club, OnBase solutions for food and beverage reduce operating costs to improve your bottom line.

Speeds finance and accounting processes

Eliminate bottlenecks that add time, cost and risk. Take on volume increases without adding staff, and improve visibility into the financial health of your organization. More…

OnBase for Retail

Inventory Software Integrations for Retail

Retail organizations using OnBase with their inventory software have better process control and a better handle on cash flow. OnBase eases inventory and program management by providing documents right from enterprise resource planning (ERP) or inventory management software screens. With documents at staff fingertips, they spend time on customers and account care. Not looking for paper. OnBase solutions for electronic invoicing and exceptions routing speed AR cycles. Disputes resolve in seconds – and days sales outstanding (DSO) drops. Isn’t it time to improve your bottom line by adding OnBase to your inventory control software?

Retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitality and other customer-centric organizations use OnBase to reduce costs and combat thinning margins.

Lets you make faster, better informed decisions

Centralizing information often stored on paper or in separated software applications lets management see the full picture before making a decision. More…

OnBase for Financial Services

Increase Speed, Accuracy with Full-Featured Financial Services ECM Solution

Like most financial services companies, you’re probably familiar with enterprise content management (ECM), whether you’re a mega-bank, local lender or credit union of any shape or size. After all, a tough regulatory climate and competitive pressure to gain as much customer share-of-wallet as possible demands precision when it comes to customer and member services, compliance and risk management.

Discover how Hyland Software’s OnBase software solution can help you better manage content across the entire enterprise, from loan application processing to email archiving, and rev-up service level transactions. Find out how it can provide cost savings by maximizing employee productivity and position your financial services organization for growth by assuring quick and secure information access regardless of branch or employee location. More…

OnBase for Lending

Lending: Loan Processing Software

By integrating with existing loan origination software, OnBase loan software helps lenders decrease cycle times and increase profits. Investors and customers receive loan documentation faster and with greater accuracy, which paves the way for future sales opportunities. When it comes time for loan servicing, OnBase software manages and associates other required documents with the original loan information. Everything you need for loan processing, underwriting and servicing can be found in one place. How convenient is that?

By automating underwriting and associated lending processes, banks save on staffing, paper, storage, shipping and destruction costs.

Increases your bottom line by integrating OnBase with your loan origination software

Users retrieve content from the interface they are accustomed to, eliminating the need to switch between loan software systems. More…

OnBase for Healthcare

AHA Endorses OnBase as ‘ECM Solution of Choice’ for Third Consecutive Term

For the third consecutive three-year term, Hyland Software’s OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution was selected by the American Hospital Association (AHA) as its exclusive ECM solution of choice. AHA’s endorsement is awarded to products and services that best solve hospitals’ most critical operational challenges.

The endorsement underscores how hard Hyland works to be more than a vendor, but a true business partner with its healthcare clients. Even AHA Solutions’ CEO Anthony Burke agrees, saying healthcare-specific functionality standard in OnBase allows for scalability and evolution. Those healthcare specifics include seamless integration with your EMR and ERP system of choice.

Meaningful Healthcare Software Solutions

Physicians demand it, patients want more of it, and everyone else – from the Chief Financial Officer to the VP of Nursing – is tired of seeing it wasted. We’re talking about time and the myriad processes that steal it away from doctors and nurses, admissions staff, accounts payable and even the hospital’s IT department. More…

OnBase for Higher Education (Higher Ed)

Higher Education Software Solutions

You can’t find and retain the best students with paper slowing you down. OnBase integrates with your student information system (SIS) and higher education software so Admissions and Financial Aid documents are just a click away. Decisions go out faster – without adding staff – and your school is the first acceptance prospects see. The Registrar and academic departments communicate better with OnBase software. The Bursar and Development offices run faster. Even areas like AP and HR get more done with less paper and automated processes. More…

OnBase for Insurance

From the Office or By Mobile, Strategically Manage Your Business Process

An insurance company is full of moving parts. From claims processing to customer service and accounting, time is of the essence. Demands that policy holders place on insurance companies all come down to that: how fast can you process my claim, how fast can you answer my question, how fast can you quote me a new rate, how fast can you make me happy.

To reduce time, speed up process and make customers happy, insurance teams must tame enormous amounts of information – claims reports, documents, emails and more – and connect those information dots so its content works as one.

Working at light speed is easy with OnBase. Seemlessly integrating with existing systems – from electronic claims processing systems to policy administration systems and beyond – OnBase shares information across teams and automates business processes. Instead of painstakingly processing every new business application or claim, focus on the exceptions. Capture, collect and manage content – in the office or in the field with our OnBase mobile solution- according to your business rules so work gets done faster and more accurately. More…

OnBase for Claims Processing

Claims Handling with OnBase Enterprise Content Management

The faster you process a claim, the lower your costs and the happier your customers. OnBase gives claims teams all the information they need to process claims and handle exceptions fast and according to your business rules. Processing claims faster and more accurately not only means you fight the clock – it means you save money claim after claim.

Property and Casualty

Keeping expense rations low is the name of the game when it comes to P&C claims. OnBase helps insurers process claims faster and more consistently. More…

OnBase for Accounting and Finance

Software for Accounting Integrations

Accounting and auditing software is great at working with the data that drives your accounting processes. Yet, they often can’t handle paper and manual processes. Those are usually outside of business finance software and accounting software systems. You can have integrated accounting software with OnBase, automating paper processes department-wide. More…

OnBase for Case Management

Managing Your Case-Based Processes

Everyday your organization manages case-based processes surrounding your customers. While many cases start with a planned action and can be streamlined for efficiency, others are unpredictable and arise at random during the course of the customer life cycle. Your knowledge workers need to handle unplanned events and provide the highest level of service. OnBase’s single, digital case file provides quick and easy access to all the documents, data, and process events required for accurate decision making. An OnBase solution can be rapidly deployed for any case-based process in a fraction of the time required for a costly, custom-coded solution.

Line of Business Integration

Managing any case-based process is challenging when the information you need is spread out amongst multiple systems. Many departments in your organization have their own isolated systems to manage customer data, and none of them are completely integrated with the others. With customer information stored in so many different locations, your knowledge workers struggle to find everything they need in a timely manner. OnBase uses existing systems and reports to automatically create case files. These case files provide a consolidated view of the data, documents, and history for each new customer – allowing instant access to all the information required to make informed decisions and process cases efficiently. More…

OnBase for Customer Service

CRM Integrations for Better Customer Service

An integration between your CRM and OnBase lets your organization resolve questions immediately with access to documents through just a mouse-click in the CRM system. With a CRM software integration, customer service representatives answer questions on the first call. Keeping customers happy is paramount to any successful organization; you can keep them happier with our CRM integration systems. More…

OnBase for Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Find out how OnBase can support your facilities management software to reduce the cost of running your business. Our facilities management solutions manage your maintenance documents – from work orders to asset management papers – in synch with their processes. From health facilities management to manufacturers to office complexes, OnBase links your facilities to your core business strategy. More…

OnBase for Human resources (HR)

Human Resource Software Integrations

HR departments using OnBase with HR software, such as PeopleSoft®, Lawson® or SAP®, process more work with less resources. From recruiting to benefits, OnBase lessens paperwork burdens. Automated review and approval workflows speed processes with many stakeholders. And audit trails show document compliance. OnBase extends the value of human resource information systems by making all HR documents available from employee files in human resources software. It’s time to make it easier to find and keep the best staff. More…

OnBase ECM and Workflow in the Cloud

Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Services

Our Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions bring you all the power of OnBase but without a large capital expense or infrastructure investment. You might have also heard SaaS called cloud services, hosted or cloud computing. No matter what you call it, our SaaS (cloud) offering, OnBase OnLine, brings you the efficiency you need without a heavy reliance on your IT resources. And if you ever decide to move your content management SaaS solution onsite, you can easily make the transition to an on-premises OnBase solution. More…

OnBase Enterprise Content Management

You have questions about enterprise content management (ECM). “What is it?” “What can it do for me?” “Can it really help me save time and money? Everyone says their solution will save them time and money.” “And everyone says they do the same thing.”

We know, we know. It’s confusing. Maybe even daunting. And you need to make a smart decision about ECM – the first time.

Good news. Everyone at Hyland Software – and we mean everyone – ­wants you to make a smart decision about ECM. That’s why we built our ECM Solution Guide with you in mind.

Easy to read, simple to navigate, our Guide walks you through the basics, from the different types of ECM through the benefits of implementing a carefully considered, strategic solution.

It’s designed to fortify your research and strengthen your understanding of what a smart ECM solution can provide. We nail the basics, give you a lot to think about and help you move to the next level: building your ECM solution.

And when you’re ready to move on, ECM experts at Hyland are ready to help you navigate through your entire ECM journey. That’s right. Hyland will stick by you throughout the process – and stand with you after your solution comes to life. More…

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