EMC Contract Management

Increase efficiency and reduce costs and risks by automating the entire contract management lifecycle.

Contract Lifecycle Management solutions streamline and automate the complete lifecycle of a contract, from authoring and negotiation through execution, renewal, and retention. EMC and partners offer Contract Lifecycle Management solutions to enable you to control regulatory risk and gain visibility into contract risks and opportunities throughout your organization.

You can manage contracts from beginning to end and ensure that all obligations, milestones, and compliance requirements are met to avoid costly financial penalties and litigation. As a result, your organization can reduce contract cycle time by up to 50 percent even as you improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

Key Benefits

  • Compliance — Manage contract retention policies in compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.
  • End-to-end contract management — Achieve control over the complete contract process, from authoring through approvals, renewals, and retention.
  • Comprehensive contract visibility — Understand contractual obligations and milestones in all contracts to assess risks and opportunities.
  • Contract standardization — Consolidate contract language and terms to eliminate risks associated with non-standard contracts.
  • Business process integration — Access data and integrate the contract management process with other business processes such as SAP and Oracle.
ACCELERATING Business Processes