Financial Process Automation

Despite investing in technology and solutions to handle financial processes more efficiently, critical accounting and finance activities at many organizations are still slowed down by manual tasks.

At the same time, finance and accounting managers are being asked to handle processes faster, provide more accurate and usable data to business users and reduce costs. The question isn’t how to set priorities: Meeting all these objectives is essential for any organization to remain competitive for the long term. The real issue is finding ways to do them better.

Good news: The problem is not your ERP. It was designed to record, manage and protect enterprise financial data through precisely defined roles for usage. And it does that very well. What it doesn’t do well is let you capture, manage or access any of the unstructured information that clarifies and supports recorded transactions for receivables and payables. Nor does it make it easy to provide up-to-date information about those transactions to people who need it to do their jobs.

To stop chasing key information and patching together reports for business units, you need technology that works with your ERP to put all the information and processes it doesn’t control into context with the transaction data is does contain.  Build on your ERP investment using solutions that smoothly connects processes and documents with transactions in your ERP. So you eliminate error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks that often take place behind the scenes, and start working with your ERP instead of around it.

All Star’s Financial Process Automation (FPA) solutions fit nearly any operation. Whether you’re processing hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of transactions on a monthly basis, we can tailor the functionality and scope to fit your needs. It’s a practical approach to automation that recognizes the delicate balance between business requirements and the need for a healthy return on investment. We can help you chart a technology path to fit current needs of your organization that can be easily adapted as requirements change.

Automate any financial process from purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and everything in between—we’ve got them all covered. Our technology portfolio covers a wide range as well, with capture, document management, process management and enterprise search technologies. Deployment options are tailored to meet your organization’s needs, and include on-premise, subscription and cloud.

ACCELERATING Business Processes