Document Process Intelligence

What if you could…

  • Easily access and analyze all the data you need, in real-time, on demand, using highly personalized dashboards?
  • Follow transactions from the time of receipt or creation to the time of finalization in your systems of record?
  • Track the movement of data across multiple databases and systems of record using one user interface?

…Now you can

Kofax Document Process Intelligence is an intelligence platform that delivers the three critical capabilities for success:

  • Unified Analytics Platform
  • Governed Data Discovery
  • Process Intelligence

Kofax Document Process Intelligence is a unified platform that does everything from data integration to dashboards.

  • Absolutely no coding of any kind
  • No need to pre-aggregate data and build data cubes
  • No third-party products required regardless of the complexity

With Kofax Document Process Intelligence, organizations can track in real time documents and their data traveling throughout the organization across all of these systems:

  • Mailbag / envelope receipt
  • Scanning and email import
  • Data extraction
  • Workflow
  • Content Management
  • Physical document storage
  • ERP and systems of record

For more information on using Kofax Document Process Intelligence to enhance your capabilities for success, please contact your account manager or

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