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Kofax Insight Analytics can transform raw data into meaningful and useful information to help identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities. Using Insight Analytics will provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations which can be most effective when external data in the market is combined with internal company data such as financial and operations data. This combination can provide a more complete picture which, in effect, creates “intelligence”.

Insight Analytics eliminates the cost and complexity of conventional products by delivering advanced functionality with rapid, no-coding development of reporting and dashboard applications. It provides real-time, extremely low latency process and data analytics, visualization and ETL (extract, transform, load) capabilities for data and process analytics.

Today’s business environment requires real-time, agile BI that provides advanced insights and enterprise-class data integrity and scalability with no excuses. Insight Analytics offers a radically simpler, more effective approach that cuts through the cost and complexity of traditional tools, while also providing powerful data integration and scalability missing from first-generation data discovery tools.

Insight Analytics provides:

  • Personalized, real-time, on-demand analytics freely accessible to everyone
  • Built in data integration ensures data integrity and consistent metrics
  • Process intelligence
  • 100% code-free platform: no coding, scripting or third party tools required


Analytics Server

Strong built-in ETL capabilities – Insight Analytics data integration and transformations can be very simple or very complex, eliminating the need for custom scripting or external ETL tools. Insight’s advanced ETL capabilities include conditional data loads and multistep iterative processing of data.

100% No-Coding platform – The Insight Analytics platform was built from the ground up with the intention of not requiring any coding or scripting of any kind by anyone – not only end users, but also IT administrators: no coding required for integrating, transforming and loading data from multiple sources.

Process Intelligence – Insight Analytics includes an advanced state engine which allows for the discovery and harvesting of data artifacts left behind in the multiple systems of record when any process is executed, and for the correlation of this data to specific processes and to the unique process instance to which it is associated.


All business data, metadata and metrics are stored in the MetricsMart, a single enterprise library that ensures a single version of the truth while also enabling codeless analytics and improved data access, performance and security of the business intelligence infrastructure while increasing the productivity of both business knowledge workers and IT staff.

In-memory data discovery tools offer great visuals, but they also come with serious limitations, including poor scalability. First-generation in-memory tools are limited to the resources of a single server. When the amount of data to be analyzed exceeds available memory, system performance either slows down to a crawl or simply crashes.

Insight Analytics has solved this problem with its next-generation MapAggregate™ distributed in-memory technology. Insight Analytics’ MapAggregate technology enables unlimited scalability by enabling the distribution of data across multiple servers to exploit their available memory and CPU resources – while also avoiding the heavy hardware costs and server farm maintenance required by large deployments of traditional in-memory tools.

Dashboard Server

The Insight Analytics platform enables coding-free creation of customized reports, analytic dashboards, data delivery, alerts and more, to all end user devices, from PC to tablet to smartphone.

Process-Aware Business Intelligence:
Your business success depends on how well your organization performs its many business processes – step by step, start to finish. Traditional BI and data discovery tools don’t provide analytics in the context of an overall business process. And BPM tools can’t provide any insight into the steps of a process outside of its direct control.
Insight Analytics is a process-aware business intelligence (BI) platform. Unlike all other BI tools, Insight Analytics extends the power of BI with new process intelligence for a brand new level of operational excellence:

  • Gain new actionable analytic insights into entire business processes – even if steps span multiple systems of record
  • Pinpoint areas of inefficiencies, wasted company resources or potential regulatory non-compliance
  • Receive automated alerts before process issues incur loss; for example, if a process queue is backing up, or process completion time is nearing a service level agreement threshold
  • Identify dark processes – unofficial processes with unknown exposure to risk and liability
  • Do all this and more with no BPM tools, process modeling or process documentation required

Governed Data Discovery

Gartner recently reported only 30% of workers have adopted their company’s standard BI tools. Legacy BI takes months or even years to implement, and even then they can only answer pre-defined questions. Data discovery tools provide visual data exploration for single users and departments, but they were never designed to serve as an enterprise-wide solution: 

“Increasingly, companies would like to expand use and even standardize on data discovery platforms for their larger enterprise BI deployments but find that in many cases these platforms… lack the necessary enterprise features in relation to governance, administration and scalability…” — Gartner

Without governed data discovery, your organization is at risk of misguided business decisions based on “multiple versions of the truth,” caused by decentralized user access to incomplete datasets and miscalculated metrics.

“By 2015, enterprise buyers will predominantly purchase governed data discovery platforms that support both strong broad business-user accessible data discovery capabilities… and IT-driven enterprise features for data reuse, governance, security, and scalability.” — Gartner

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