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OnBase Integration for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise

OnBase Integration for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise

Automatically connect documents and processes with their associated transactions managed in your PeopleSoft application.

The seamless integration of OnBase with Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise enables businesses to retrieve documents from OnBase and attach them to records in the PeopleSoft application — connecting transactions seamlessly. Users that are already familiar with PeopleSoft can keep using the screens they know and like, which increases user satisfaction and requires little to no training. Your processes and data maintain their integrity through the OnBase-PeopleSoft connection because the integration occurs at a system level.

What Do You Get With the OnBase-Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration?

Your business will see:

  • Simplified document management by keeping all incoming and outgoing documents in one central hub.
  • Better cost efficiency since you’ll eliminate manual information entry processes and automate data exchanges.
  • Improved efficiency across the board since you’ll no longer rely on paper documents, and employees won’t have to toggle between applications.
  • Instant access to information, streamlining processes, and increasing user satisfaction and productivity.

Connecting OnBase with Oracle PeopleSoft is a natural step for any business looking to automate more processes. Your users will find that all the data they need to process transactions – including email, forms, scanned images, and electronic documents – is available from their PeopleSoft screens. There’s no need to get used to a new interface.

The many benefits of this integration include:

  • Pulling documents with just one click.
  • Cutting costs you used to spend on fixing manual errors and duplicate data entry.
  • Using automated indexing from PeopleSoft data values to fill in keyword fields in OnBase, eliminating document indexing.
  • Using PeopleSoft data values to populate eForms and sending transactions into a workflow for non-PeopleSoft users or for workflows that fall outside the PeopleSoft sweet spot.
  • Mobilizing workflow transactions to users’ smartphones, tablets, and email.

Drive Efficiency for Employees

PeopleSoft users can access information from any device they prefer — smartphones and tablets included. And they can use their preferred applications such as email to eliminate searching in separate systems like spreadsheets. They’ll be able to manage tasks, schedule events, and add and update information alongside correlating documents. 

Reduce the Burden on IT

You’ll also reduce the burden on your IT staff because the OnBase-PeopleSoft integration is configurable out-of-the-box. Your IT staff will be able to devote more time to higher-value tasks while your PeopleSoft users rely on them less for help with the applications.

Improve Security and Compliance

One of the greatest benefits of integrating OnBase with Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise is the additional security and compliance assurance. This integration increases your visibility into your processes so you can stay more efficient and consistent in your efforts to maintain compliance. You’ll improve process controls and minimize risk — reducing overall costs associated with compliance fees and fines. This integration helps you establish:

  • A full audit trail for all actions, processes, documents, and activities, so producing information for an audit is quick and easy.
  • Duties that are clearly defined and segmented.
  • Configurable user rights so you can securely store data.

If you’re interested in how the OnBase-PeopleSoft integration can improve your business, contact All Star today. We’ll show you how this integration can drive efficiencies across your organization.

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