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Hyland-JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration

Hyland-JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration

Integrating your Hyland enterprise information management solution with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne gives you a 360 view of critical information.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE) and OnBase are a natural fit – helping businesses connect data stored in OnBase with transactional data from JDE. The benefits to organizations include:

  • Easy access to information such as packing slip data or an invoice’s relevant purchase order.
  • Leveraging native OnBase functionality such as adding notes to documents.
  • Faster processes.
  • A freed-up staff.
  • Better resource allocation for more strategic objectives.

What Else Can You Do With the Hyland-JDE Integration?

Organizations can improve a number of processes and reduce business costs by integrating JD Edwards with OnBase. You’ll have all the information you need to quickly and accurately process transactions, such as electronic documents, forms, email, scanned images, and more. You can access them instantly from your JDE screen.

Users will find they can:

  • Avoid manual indexing and duplicate data entry to eliminate errors and cut costs.
  • Provide users with data to make smarter decisions by leveraging multiple attachment options in all kinds of business processes.
  • Speed up processes by quickly accessing documents in just one click in JDE.
  • Leverage automated indexing using JDE data values to fill in keyword fields in OnBase and to shorten cycle times.

In addition, OnBase can take transactions from JDE and inject them into a configurable workflow where over 300 rules and actions can be configured to route the transaction and give users the ability to take actions on the transaction. Adding data to the transaction and supporting documents, and approving or denying a transaction are some examples. OnBase can even make these transactions accessible on mobile and have users interact from their mobile devices or their email. The power of OnBase is the configurability of the workflow and the integration to make projects like these configurable versus custom-coded.

If you’re interested in how an information management and automation platform like OnBase can augment and boost your current investment in Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, contact All Star today. We can show you how to maximize your investments in your technology solutions through the OnBase-JDE integration.

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