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Why Use ReadSoft Process Director Instead of Native SAP Workflow?

Why Use ReadSoft Process Director Instead of Native SAP Workflow?

If your organization has decided to implement SAP, you’re well on your way to streamlining your financial operations. But SAP itself is not the end of the road for the technological improvements you can make inside your business to achieve better efficiency, productivity, and profitability. ReadSoft Process Director is a solution that helps you maximize your investment in SAP by bringing an added layer of automation and simplicity. Read on to learn why using ReadSoft Process Director instead of native SAP workflow can transform your financial operations for the better.

What Is ReadSoft Process Director?

ReadSoft Process Director is a unified platform for automating financial processes in SAP. It manages document and request-driven processes in SAP and is fully integrated and purpose-built for SAP. The solution enables a business to maximize its use of SAP and resides inside the SAP platform and user interface.

Why Use ReadSoft Process Director Instead of SAP’s Native Tools?

ReadSoft Process Director offers ways to improve on SAP’s technology. Here’s how:

Consolidate Your Transaction Management Into a Single Control Center

ReadSoft Process Director integrates with your SAP system and works directly inside it to create a single entry point for users to view, edit, and direct all processes. It automates all invoice processing and enables users to work from just one session instead of forcing users to open additional sessions in SAP. Your invoices, sales orders, purchase requests, and requisitions are managed through Process Director to streamline your financial department’s ability to process such transactions. Process Director also adds more functionality to native SAP tools through the various tools presented to the users from within the Process Director components.

Make Three Vital Financial Transaction Processes More Efficient

Your procure-to-pay, quote-to-cash, and record-to-report processes will see greater accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency with ReadSoft Process Director. You’ll save processing costs in several places:

  • Invoice processing costs will reduce by up to 75%.
  • Your team will be able to process four times as many invoices.
  • You’ll save up to 65% in sales order processing with 99.6% accuracy.
  • Financial posting will be relevant, timely, and accurate with master data updates.

You’ll also gain more visibility into all three of these processes so you can keep track of effectiveness, control cash flow, and measure progress.

See Further Savings in Numerous Ways

ReadSoft Process Director helps you cut costs in the form of time and accuracy.

  • By resolving problems early on in a process, you’ll skip the labor and time involved in fixing errors such as reversing invoice transactions.
  • With little training and adoption onboarding, you’ll start improving processes right away without disrupting your team’s productivity. There’s no need to learn complicated new software – you can work in a user-friendly interface or SAP’s environment.
  • Total processing time reduces using Process Director to cultivate faster cycle times. With reduced days sales outstanding, you’ll see quicker receivables-to-cash conversions.
  • With staff unburdened by manual processes automated by Process Director, your team’s productivity contributes to overall growth instead of mundane, day-to-day tasks.

Leverage Process Director to Maximize Your SAP Solution

ReadSoft Process Director can revolutionize the way you use SAP and how your financial operations demonstrate productivity. If you think your organization is ready for better efficiency and profitability, contact All Star Software Systems today. Our experts are ready to help you.

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