All systems go with automation software

All systems go with automation software

Companies continue to jump on the automation software bandwagon, leveraging more advanced tools to get the job done in an efficient, productive and financially advantageous fashion across departments and throughout the life cycle of each project. From data capture and reporting analytics to workflow and beyond, the wider range of automation options available to businesses today is helping to take the private sector into the new era of performance. 

Leaders who do not jump on the opportunity to streamline their business process management frameworks and modernize efforts to succeed will likely face a steep uphill battle, as so many competitors are likely already enjoying lower overhead and thus stronger profit margins. A new study revealed just how frequently executives are looking toward automation software to get the job done in a range of projects and departments. 

Intelligence is key
A recent eWEEK article broke down a survey of more than 500 senior executives from North America and Europe which sought to discover where new intelligence and automation software fall on the priority list. The study, conducted by an IT consultant and service provider, revealed that roughly 44 percent of respondents are expecting a lot from their business analytics software, such as investments made in reporting tools that automate analysis. 

What's more, the news provider pointed out that 50 percent of the participants believe the software that is being implemented today will have a major, positive impact on BPM performance sometime in the next three to five years. There were a wealth of reasons why leaders who responded had such high expectations for their automation software, but the most notable ones aligned with common values that have been cited by providers for years. 

For example, the source affirmed that timeliness of analytics delivery, scalability, lower costs and fewer errors were among the most common reasons for investing in more robust reporting analytics capabilities. 

The path forward
Now, because of how many options are available to businesses today, it might be difficult to ascertain the best ones in stride. When looking for business intelligence and analytics products, leaders should be focused on acquiring those that are personalized, provide real-time insights and build in data integration tools to ensure high levels of integrity and consistent metrics throughout the life cycle of the tools, while those that do not require additional coding or scripting can be especially advantageous. 

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