• Xenos Enterprise Server wins Document Management Product of the year

    November 11, 2011Paul

    Xenos, an Actuate company, is the market-leading provider of high-performance software solutions designed to Streamline Enterprise Information Supply Chains. Xenos Enterprise Server has been awarded for the second year in a row for their enterprise class application that is able to capture, identify, route, and ...

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  • Importance of Maximizing Automation Processes

    October 25, 2011Paul

    Automating your company’s business requirements has evolved way beyond basic scanning and indexing of documents. Organizations must now maximize their automation, routing, indexing, and sending of documents into workflows. Intelligent ECM solutions that maximize automation during the first steps are now able to ...

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  • Future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Deployment

    September 19, 2011Paul

    When Enterprise Content Management Systems first developed, everyone wanted all components implemented and installed right from the start. The idea was to have all files from each department in the entire company digitized, managed, and stored for archival from the beginning. The problem ...

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  • Things to consider when choosing an ECM Partner

    September 08, 2011Paul

    Choosing the correct partner for your ECM Solution is a very important task. Companies need to understand this is a long term relationship between two companies and their employees. How long a company has been around isn’t always an effective way to guarantee they have ...

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  • Flexibility Considerations with Enterprise Capture Solutions

    August 24, 2011Paul

    In order for your ECM solution to work correctly, your organization needs to keep some things in mind. First off the new solution needs to have the ability to grow. It should operate with new industry hardware / software, and adapt easily to ...

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  • Intelligent Enterprise Content Management Definition

    August 09, 2011Paul

    Everyone is under the same impression that paper is being replaced by electronic files in today’s working environment. The issue needing to be resolved is eliminating paper files and starting to terminate the costs associated with searching, storing, and losing these critical documents. ...

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  • Why go Paperless, and exactly what does it Mean?

    August 04, 2011Paul

    Most companies today are not completely paperless because they lack crucial components needed in order to do so. The four most important aspects of going completely electronic are: scanners, a document management system, large monitors, and lastly a unanimous decision by the entire staff ...

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  • Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Automation – Getting Organized

    July 19, 2011Paul

    One of the issues I consistently see in the field is the lack of good organization surrounding the AP Process. Specifically, many companies are taking steps to improve their process by adding scanning of documents, single step data entry, invoice header extraction, and line item ...

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