• Health care management in the age of automation

    June 11, 2014 PaulHealth care management in the age of automation

    Enterprise resource planning and workflow automation have become significantly popular and well-received in a range of industries throughout the past several years, especially as more sectors become reliant upon advanced digital technologies.

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  • Time is now for ERP workflow automation in manufacturing

    June 06, 2014 PaulTime is now for ERP workflow automation in manufacturing

    Although virtually all industries are becoming more dependent upon advanced technologies to complete everyday operational processes, certain sectors have been at the forefront of progressive deployments for a variety of purposes.

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  • ERP Integration Testing Best Practices

    June 05, 2014 Paul

    Over the years, All Star has used, evaluated and developed a variety of mechanisms for testing new systems and upgrading of existing solutions. When I managed the QA group for Westbrook Technologies (manufacturer of content management and workflow – Fortis, File Magic, PowerWeb, Inflo), we would ...

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  • Workflow Approval Management with OnBase

    June 03, 2014 PaulWorkflow Approval Management with OnBase

    The OnBase Workflow Approval Management module allows business users to configure the conditions for routing and approval. Through the Unity interface (versus the administrative intense Configuration interface), a business user can alter the users, the rules, the values and the conditions for document and ...

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  • OnBase Mobile – Your mobile device isn’t just for Facebook anymore.

    March 05, 2014 PaulOnBase Mobile – Your mobile device isn't just for Facebook anymore.

    Everyone has a mobile device these days. If it isn’t a smart phone, it is a tablet. Your company might even provide phones or tablets to certain employees that need access to email. The ability to check email and make business calls is clearly to ...

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  • The Many Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

    October 23, 2013 Paul

    The automation of your accounts payable procedures has several major advantages. All Star Software Systems provides all-around solutions that can be used for the integration and automation of procurement systems and more. Accounts payable automation is an excellent way to ensure that you never miss ...

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  • Consequences of Incorrect Enterprise Content Management / Workflow Implementations

    August 27, 2013 Paul

    In a recent study results showed that 68% of ECM/Workflow (BPM) Solutions fail regardless of the software’s capability.  Many of these fail because the salesperson lacks experience with the technology and promises unrealistic or rushed delivery times.  Other reasons ECM/BPM failures occur are due to ...

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  • Procure to Pay Vs ECM/BPM Solutions

    May 15, 2013 Paul

    All Star has been asked many times about the differences between the products we sell, implement and support as well as the products we compete against.  All Star has sold many different workflow, capture and content management products over the past twenty plus years because ...

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  • Benefits of Document Scanning over a Multi-Function Device

    April 09, 2013 Paul

    Many network copiers now function as multi-function devices – they can not only copy, but scan documents, email them and some can send directly into other software programs for further processing. Still, most MFD’s are used to copy or scan documents to a network drive. ...

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  • Mobility and Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

    March 12, 2013 Paul

    Mobile cell phones, smart phones and tablets have become more popular than ever as we move forward into the 21st century. They are selling at record high rates and being used as a one stop shop to access everything you need from networking, banking, internet ...

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  • Province of New Brunswick Automates Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

    December 12, 2012 Paul

    In October of 2009 New Brunswick Government finally decided it was time to make a change regarding the processing of their invoices.  The government was processing around 400,000 invoices yearly and it was up to each individual department to manage themselves.  Not only were productivity ...

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  • Getting your Team on Board for ECM Solutions!

    November 05, 2012 Paul

    If you are like most organizations today then you can relate with the burden of paper. Employee time, expenses, disasters and simply being buried in documents creates an uneasy atmosphere within the office. On the bright side, you know about Electronic Document Management (ECM) solutions ...

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