Readsoft Online for Invoices

Readsoft Online – Accounts Payable Processing in the Cloud

ReadSoft Online provides easy and flexible document and data capture, workflow and document storage/retrieval for accounts payable invoices. The cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with a variety of ERP and other accounting systems.

ReadSoft Online incorporates advanced technology, refined business logic and country-specific knowledge to efficiently capture data – both header and line items – from supplier invoices.

Invoices are initially scanned, uploaded or emailed directly into ReadSoft Online. Verification is then performed by the end user and are automatically routed to a user-friendly approval workflow. The approved data and optional invoice images are then sent to your accounting/ERP system where the transactions are stored and paid by your system of record.


  • Swiftly populate your system of record with accurate and approved data
  • Significantly reduced manual data entry
  • Constant availability regardless of the time or location
  • No costly hardware purchases required
  • No expensive software to install
  • No backup or recovery required
  • No time-consuming maintenance, upgrades or updates


ReadSoft Online is available for login anytime and accessible anywhere there is internet connectivity.

Capture quality

ReadSoft Online delivers a minimum data capture accuracy level of 80%. If the ReadSoft Online verification service is utilized, the guaranteed minimum data capture accuracy level is 98.5%. When applying the “four eyes principle,” a 99.9% accuracy level is achievable.

Incoming document requirements

In order to uphold the delivery and quality commitments, the received documents must pass an initial assessment. The assessment verifies that an identifiable sender exists and the quality of the documents is adequate for data capture. Additionally, the document must be the agreed upon document type and it must contain the required data.

Improve your bottom line

Reduce the amount of manual keying and manual verification.

Harness the power of the cloud

By utilizing the cloud, invoice automation is always available, anywhere with an internet connection.

Reduce IT requirements

By utilizing the cloud, implementation is fast and requires no hardware investments. Automatic backups free the organization from ongoing maintenance and software updates.

Improve financial control

Receive instant, accurate financial statements, and access any invoice, quickly and easily. Greater control also means no fraudulent invoices are paid and no invoice is paid twice.

Improve supplier relations

As invoice processing gets faster, late payment penalties are eliminated and early-payment discounts are increased.

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