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Gone are the days of handing new employees physical binders full of documents and scheduling endless meetings to educate them on what you do. Technology, like employee onboarding software, automates most — if not all — of this process to relieve your human resources (HR) staff.

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

HR onboarding solutions automate the employee onboarding process and allow businesses to develop onboarding processes that contain many common elements, but also elements unique to their needs. Most processes start when the core HR solution leaves off at the offer letter acceptance. Below are a few steps that are part of a typical onboarding process:

  • Pre-boarding: preparation for onboarding
  • Preparing onboarding checklist
  • Orientation with departments and management
  • Equipment and asset assignment
  • Training schedule
  • Creating short-term and long-term goals and schedule

This process should be welcoming, immersive, educational, well-structured, consistent, and spread out over time. HR onboarding software helps you achieve it all.

How Does HR Onboarding Software Work?

Employee onboarding software provides a complete view of all onboarding information in a single location. By tracking and monitoring an employee’s onboarding process, your HR staff saves time and can better attend to questions and other needs like hiring and payroll. The software allows you to automate compliance reminders and follow-up actions to ensure all documentation is complete. It will also enable you to integrate with your human capital management (HCM) system.

Employee onboarding software should provide the following:

  • Remote access so your business can hire and onboard talent from any location.
  • Integration tools so the onboarding solution complements your existing systems.
  • Mobile optimization so new employees, as well as HR, can work from any device.
  • Dashboard analytics so HR can manage sensitive data and people from one secure database.
  • Goal-setting features, so the new employee knows their benchmarks, and HR can easily track if they’re hitting them.
  • Case management so each employee onboarding record has all of the data and documents required for active work and for future reference and auditing

What Are the Benefits of Using HR Onboarding Software?

Going paperless

You’ll cut expenses on paper almost immediately with employee onboarding software. No more ink, printer, or copier costs, as all onboarding can be done electronically. You’ll also save on storage since you won’t need to file away onboarding documents in folders or filing cabinets anymore.

Ensuring consistent onboarding across the company

Consistency is paramount in your onboarding process, so every staff member starts on equal footing and is on the same page about who your organization is and what their expectations are. Without software to ensure this consistency, onboarding is left up to individual managers who might have their own siloed versions of what knowledge to pass on and how to characterize your business.

Establishing accountability

With a tracking system in your employee onboarding software, you’ll be able to clearly see who is responsible for specific stages of bringing the employee through the onboarding process — in addition to keeping employees accountable for hitting certain benchmarks.

Integrating easily with other systems

If you’ve already automated other parts of your HR, employee onboarding software should easily integrate with those systems (like payroll and talent acquisition, for example). You won’t have to ask HR to abandon existing processes — they’ll necessarily improve them by seamlessly connecting them to the onboarding process. This means less toggling between tools and a faster onboarding process.

Saving time

Overall, eliminating paper-based onboarding operations gets your employees up to speed faster, and it unburdens HR from spending time manually onboarding individual employees. Software saves time end-to-end in the onboarding process.

Simplifying onboarding for remote workers

If you want to be able to access and entice talent from anywhere in the world, you need the robust onboarding capabilities provided by software. Employees are excited and nervous when they start a new position — making their onboarding smooth encourages them to start on the best possible foot.

Easy implementation

The right employee onboarding software will be easy to implement and learn how to use. Your HR team won’t need to spend weeks absorbing a new tool — speeding up time to value for your organization.

Explore HR Onboarding Software Today

Making a good impression on your new employees is essential and sets the stage for their longevity at your company. If you are trying to secure in-demand talent, create a sense of belonging in your work environments, and cultivate meaningful relationships that ensure every employee can do their best work, then onboarding software is a must. Contact All Star today to learn more about how it can transform your HR processes.

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