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Document Scanning Hardware: Fujitsu Scanners

Document Scanning Hardware: Fujitsu Scanners

All Star provides scanners for every capture situation. From a centralized capture system that requires a 100+ page per minute scanner to the distributed capture scenario that requires many smaller scanners on user’s desktops, All Star can provide the appropriate hardware solution for your system.

Unlike warehouse stores with little to no knowledge of the industry, All Star has been in the industry for 20 years. We employ experts that can help you choose the right scanner, provide installation services and the support services you need in the future. Our vision and focus is to passionately assist any company or person who needs to find solutions for their document imaging needs. We listen wholeheartedly to the situation and approach each solution with careful thought and insight. Our team of document scanning experts brings an avid drive to fulfill the requirements of every scanning project keeping time constraints, ease of use and budgets in mind.

At All Star, our solutions include durable and reliable scanner hardware from the proven leaders in the scanning industry, such as Fujitsu, Canon, Ricoh, Bell & Howell, Panasonic and Kofax. Through our long and well maintained relationships with these manufacturers, we are able to establish the highest standards of excellence for service and account management in the document imaging industry. All Star is a Platinum partner for Fujitsu and a top reseller for all of the other top brands including: Canon, Ricoh, Bell & Howell, Panasonic, Epson and Kodak.

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