PaymentWorksPaymentWorks enables large and mid-sized companies to exchange information securely with suppliers to ensure efficiency throughout the invoice to pay process.  Our ERP-agnostic, cloud-based software is quickly deployed and set apart by EnterpriseConnectSM, a networking model that achieves rapid, organic supplier adoption.

PaymentWorks Supplier Self Service

With PaymentWorks, you can eliminate supplier inquiries by giving suppliers on-line access to the status of invoices.   Suppliers can see if invoices have been received, when they are scheduled to be paid, and if they are on hold for any particular reason.   Suppliers can also access remittance advices for all payment types and download an Excel spreadsheet to automatically reconcile your payments.

PaymentWorks Dynamic Discounting

With PaymentWorks, you can make discounted early payment offers (for approved invoices) to suppliers with whom you do not have negotiated terms agreements. The Dynamic Discounting console gives you total control to configure your program, allowing you to set the terms for your early payment offers, set limits, and customize your program for different groups of suppliers.

PaymentWorks Messaging

PaymentWorks Messaging enables you to receive and respond to inquiries from suppliers about invoice that are on hold in an exception status. Messages can be routed through your internal email system, based upon your particular workflow requirements. Messaging also allows you to share information with your suppliers, such as policy and procedure information, or sending 1099s.

PaymentWorks Vendor Master Updates

With PaymentWorks, your suppliers can maintain their company and payment information in one place, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your vendor master data. This includes both company information, such as corporate addresses, TIN numbers, and W9’s, as well as payment information, such as remittance addresses and bank account details so that you can pay suppliers electronically.

PaymentWorks Electronic Payments

With PaymentWorks, you can achieve dramatic savings by migrating your suppliers to ACH payments.  We enroll your suppliers, collecting their bank details, so that you can pay them via ACH.   You can send the instructions to your bank (as per normal), or we can route them to your bank on your behalf.

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