SAP Integration with OnBase

Augment your SAP system and improve your return on your SAP investment with a Hyland software integration.

Integrating your SAP system with Hyland’s enterprise-grade document management and process automation reduces your costs and improves your business productivity. Hyland offers a full suite of enterprise-class automation and document management solutions that can seamlessly integrate with SAP. The Hyland OnBase-SAP integration significantly reduces operating costs and boosts staff efficiency and productivity. With it, your organization will see:

  • Reduced document storage costs and labor involved in maintaining paper files.
  • Automation significantly improves manual processes that rely on data from SAP, such as information routing and data entry.
  • The ability to directly link SAP-based transactional data to content such as vendor contracts or invoices that exist outside the system.

Give Employees the Power to Make Smarter, Better Decisions 

Users can access documents including vendor contracts and remittances, check images, invoices, and more – directly from SAP – using the OnBase Integration for SAP ArchiveLink. This ability gives staff an instant way to access the information they need to provide superior customer service, manage processes, and make the right decisions. They will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Gaining access to critical data from whichever environment they prefer, whether SAP, their personal mobile device, or their email.
  • Being able to eliminate the time it takes to search for information throughout physical locations, filing cabinets, or disorganized network drives.
  • Gaining the ability to schedule events and manage tasks using supporting documents or update and add information as needed within SAP.

Say Goodbye to Manual Processes

With instant data exchange and intelligent capture, your employees will be able to eliminate manual data entry. Brainware by Hyland combines with the Hyland OnBase integration for SAP to introduce an intelligent data capture solution that gives your staff time back to contribute to strategic initiatives. They will no longer have to manually key in information into SAP – a tedious task that takes valuable employees away from more meaningful work. 

Your workers will now be able to:

  • Automatically update SAP transactions with status information and extracted values.
  • Accurately validate data stored in your current SAP databases against their extracted data.
  • Automatically extract and capture data, including vendor invoices and sales orders from documents.

Use Workflow Automation to Achieve Transformation 

The OnBase-SAP integration helps you accelerate your business processes and streamline the manual work that bogs down your staff and relies on SAP information. You will improve invoice processing in your accounts payable department and make cash application more efficient in accounts receivable. By automating the delivery and receipt of data to the right parties, OnBase helps you gain visibility into the performance and status of your operations. 

You’ll also be able to:

  • Enable users to take action and automate notifications, so no reviews, exceptions, or errors get missed. Users can conduct these processes either from their mobile devices or from email.
  • Route data like the value of approved vendor invoices electronically to and from SAP with ease.
  • Guarantee procedures and controls are followed, and know you stay compliant with a complete audit trail for all activities, actions, processes, and documents.

At All Star Software Systems, we have decades of experience helping organizations both big and small integrate the business software that is right for them. We are invested in seeing our customers improve productivity, efficiency, and their bottom lines through the power of the Hyland-SAP integration. Contact us today to learn how you can transform your business through SAP and Hyland.

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